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sorry, cannot remember – not even if i ever knew... p3k 2 years ago
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I created a very simple p3k logo with, er, Logo... p3k 3 years ago
Oh and now I remember what it reminds me of:... p3k 4 years ago
jetzt brauch ich auch chrome! person 5 years ago
Thanks Tobi! Would love to know how you found us!... jacksonbond 5 years ago
i am even using ufw :) btw. i added this... p3k 6 years ago
sounds like my setup except i always fail with iptables... walterra 6 years ago
*like* :) chronistin 6 years ago
yes, it's obscene. Some context: * the paradox itself: treating... oberhamsi 6 years ago
Are you comparing the parent and the child with the... p3k 6 years ago
since the article mentions the paradox of an "enlightened racism".... simon 6 years ago
looks very nice and interesting. stefanl 6 years ago
this man (geoffrey miller) 's got 1 sick mindset. weohhhh. stefanl 6 years ago
oh-so-true... still: hyped tech, sooo shiny, sooo irresistable... sigh zrp 6 years ago
Da hast Du völlig Recht. Immerhin, beim Verleihen scheint sich... p3k 7 years ago
Die kindle-Preise für deutsche Bücher finde ich ziemlich überteuert. Für... goldchen 7 years ago
Anecdote by Alan Kay: when the Alto was first presented... oberhamsi 7 years ago
Look at the header that I got in wireshark capture:... ssnkumar 7 years ago
just found out that sometimes the graphical user interface is... p3k 8 years ago
"künstlich abgeschroffte felsen", alter Schwede! stefanl 8 years ago
you mean scully and kare? ;) p3k 8 years ago