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21 years ago
p3k dots

on the week-end i visited the televisions exhibition at kunsthalle wien. result: artists are watching tv just as anybody else does. bored. boring. maybe except the yugoslavian art association apsolutno and their "good evening" video. but even this is not more exciting than one in a hundred music videos on mtv. blind televisions.

i also missed a reflection of the ongoing surveillance strategies of paranoid governments (the real reality tv) or all these crude comedies reaching from trigger happy tv to the tom green show, ie. some statements about (tele)visionary social and political issues.

the least socio-political denominator are projects like the "melrose place" episodes designed by gala committee or the experiments in mass suggestion in the swedish tv series "skärgårdsdoktorn" (did not find anything on the net about it. however, the clue behind this project obviously was a sentence like "moral should be tax-deductible" that was intended to become a widespread public opinion using the series and one of its popular characters as amplifier). but hey, that's already such old stuff. don't we have something newer?