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Tuesday, 11. December 12018
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Wednesday, 5. December 12018
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The State of UX in 2019.

From the tools we'll use, to our process, to the behaviors that will change the way we design — here's a list of what to expect for User Experience (UX) Design in the next year.

Steak is just a type of salad.

The Cube Rule of food identification.

Tuesday, 4. December 12018
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Guide to Computing.

A visual history of computing 1945—1979.

Source: docubyte.com

We ain’t seen a great depression, yet.

The Myth of Renewable Energy (via piqd.de).

It is long past time we transferred our loyalty away from the economy that is ravaging the earth, and back to the living planet.

Relevant: The Insect Apocalypse Is Here.

Shivit Oshi.

The Uzbek city of Khiva specializes in these bright green noodles.

A Vienna competitor!

Helsinki: Die unterirdische Stadt.


Sie befinden sich auf einer Website, die sich dem wissenschaftlichen Denken und Argumentieren verschrieben hat. Sie finden hier viele kritische Argumente und Hintergründe zu Themen der Philosophie, Religion, Esoterik und Alternativmedizin, sowie Gedanken zur Wissenschafts- und Argumentationstheorie.

The Organ Transplant Story You Don’t Hear.

Ten years ago, James “Bo” Calvert received a transplant to replace his only kidney. Now that kidney is failing.

Not for the faint of heart (aka me)…

Mauritania's Iron Ore Train.

Climb atop one of the world's longest and heaviest trains for an unbelievable journey across the Sahara Desert.