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Monday, 26. October 12020
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Dissecting A Dweet #9: City Sunset.

Source: frankforce.com

The Book of Knowledge of Impractical Musical Devices.

This series of three musical devices are each guided by very specific rules which encourage players to reflect on their listening experience. Here Yann focuses on his auto-destructive work, Volume 3: Everything You Love Will One Day Be Taken From You.

Étude in C minor.

(…) how simple it is to create minimal music with code in any programming language (…)

Falsehoods programmers believe about time zones.

#22: This is a comprehensive list of misconceptions.

The self is not always selfish: Mary Midgley takes on Richard Dawkins.

When, exactly, did ‘survival of the fittest’ become synonymous with Machiavellian selfishness? According to the late UK philosopher Mary Midgley (1919-2018), conflating evolution with a ‘dog-eat-dog’ understanding of human nature was hardly born of Charles Darwin himself, who, in his writings, expressed how traits such as morality and communality were vital to our species’ survival.

Website Carbon Calculator.

Hurrah! This web page is cleaner than 72% of web pages tested.

Modern JavaScript Clipboard APIs.

Don't Copy Paste Into A Shell.

Black Designers: Forward in Action (Part IV).

In the finale of her series, Cheryl D. Holmes-Miller traces the history of the first black designer—and lays the groundwork for a new canon.

Wednesday, 21. October 12020
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Tape Cassette Inserts.

Accessible to some.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the budget to optimise it for non-screen reader users. The money is not worth spending on this niche market.

Relevant: Expressionist architecture.