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Sunday, 21. April 12019
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Essential Vaporwave.

A hand picked list of the very best vaporwave albums.

Saturday, 20. April 12019
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The universal design ideal.

The book the above illustration is an excerpt from (“The Measure of Man and Woman”) is currently at ~70 €; another book mentioned in the article, “Wayshowing>Wayfinding: Basic & Interactive” is “available” for more than 250 €. Go figure?

Days since a 🚗/🚌 killed a🚶/🚴/🛴 in DC.

Designing type: a HackWeek diary.

Rebuilding a font in 5 days from a technical perspective.

Like Last Year's Snow – Inside Siberia’s isolated community of forgotten women.

In the remote village of Yar-Sale in Northern Siberia, live a group of elderly women. They were once part of a nomadic community of reindeer herders. However, in their old age, they spend most of their days in seclusion, away from nature and their community.

Source: odedwagen.com

Muhammad: an anticlerical hero of the European Enlightenment.

(…) step back and examine the diverse and often surprising Western portraits of the myriad faces of Muhammad.

Music from Barry Season 2.

Read the CIA’s Simple Sabotage Field Manual: A Timeless Guide to Subverting Any Organization with “Purposeful Stupidity” (1944).

I’d boot with JavaScript, of course!

LinuxBoot – Linux as Firmware.

Friday, 19. April 12019
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Getty Image Collection – Lean In.

LeanIn.Org and Getty Images have teamed up to create the Lean In Collection—a library of thousands of creative images devoted to the powerful depiction of women and girls, families of all kinds, and men as caretakers as well as earners.

Relevant: The Gender Spectrum Collection.