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Friday, 17. September 12021
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1000 Dreams (via densediscovery.com).

Changing prevailing refugee narratives through the [stories of 1000 refugees across Europe. 1000 Dreams is authored by storytellers with a refugee background.

I am super fascincated by the personalities of both, test subject and doppelganger actress… 🤩

Made to Measure is an experiment that asks if you can reconstruct a person based solely on their digital data trail.

Can you build a doppelganger of a person you don’t even know? Record, recreate, and replay the life of someone and their personality in detail? This is exactly what we attempted to do.

Source: pbs.twimg.com

Vendor lock-in, ick hör Dir trappsen.

Upptime, s the open-source uptime monitor and status page, powered entirely by GitHub.

Remarkable historical footage is locked behind paywalls. It’s time to set it free.

(…) Captured Images tells the story of audiovisual ownership and the monetisation of history itself, making a compelling argument that this vital material belongs to the public.

“I completely ignored the front end development scene for 6 months. It was fine.” (Via frontendfoc.us.)

dotbot – a tool that bootstraps your dotfiles.

Sunday, 5. September 12021
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O.MG Cable.

Every O.MG Cable is hand made and tailored to look and feel exactly like the cable your target already has in their possession. (…) It is packed with a web server, 802.11 radio, and way more memory and processing power than the type of cable you would want for just doing demos. But the flexibility makes demos easy.

nanoSQL 2 – Universal database layer for the client, server & mobile devices.

It's like Lego for databases.