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Wednesday, 29. December 12021
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Gerlinde Lang als Vogel Strauss bei der Klangwolke 2009.

Relevant: Erinnerungen an Gerlinde Lang.

Wednesday, 22. December 12021
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Kai's Power Goo (MetaTools).

Relevant: Revisiting the mid 1990s to explore the world of gooey image manipulation from MetaTools!

Source: archive.org

Tech-Revolution in Jugoslawien? Wie Computer-DIY-Kulturen im “Kommunismus” entstanden.

In diesem Text werde ich versuchen, die Computertechnik im Jugoslawien der 1980er Jahre zu entschlüsseln, insbesondere in der Form, wie sie von der einflussreichen Zeitschrift Racunari geprägt wurde. Dabei werde ich untersuchen, wie sich der Computerdiskurs mit einer geopolitischen und wirtschaftlichen Perspektive vermischte.

Intro to CSS 3D transforms.

How much is the NFT of this book review?

The Ministry for the Blockchain.

As blockchain continues to see a swell of investment and a migration of very smart people, we are seeing the tokenization of everything. But how much of human life has a legitimate market price on it? And is our assumption that we need a market price to show value just an imprint in our brains from runaway capitalism?

Behold the elegant sights and powerful sound of a mechanical foghorn in Shetland awaking from its year-long slumber.

Mess with DNS!

Mess With DNS gives you a real subdomain, and it’s running a real DNS server (the address is mess-with-dns1.wizardzines.com). The interesting thing about DNS is that it’s a global system with many different computers interacting, and so I wanted people to be able to actually see that system in action.

Relevant: messwithdns.net.

Ordering Movie Credits With Graph Theory.

Relevant: The Perfect End Credits Template.

Isochrone Maps of Europe.

(…) a map showing how long one would expect to travel to any point in Europe starting in Vienna, using only trains and walking at a brisk rate of 5 min / kilometer.

Busy Simulator (via vice.com).

Feign importance with repeating app sounds!