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Monday, 26. July 12021
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The Public Interest Internet.

This blog post is part of a series, looking at the public interest internet—the parts of the internet that don’t garner the headlines of Facebook or Google, but quietly provide public goods and useful services without requiring the scale or the business practices of the tech giants.

Saturday, 24. July 12021
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🤦‍♂️ or 💡?

Deurbanising the Web.

Computing in the 2020s is (still) a user-hostile shifting sand land. We are drowning in churn and noise. I am fighting back by switching this website from HTML to PDF.

The Framework Laptop is now shipping!

We know consumer electronics can be better for you and for the environment. Unlike most products, ours are open for you to repair and upgrade.

REBOL, too!

Riju: fast online playground for every programming language.


We should explore alternatives to the Standard Model of cosmology.

(…) when one theory has accounted for a set of facts by parameter-adjustment, while a rival accounts for the same facts directly and without contrivance, then the rival does, but the first does not, derive support from those facts.

10 Papers Every Developer Should Read (via michaelfeathers.silvrback.com).

Sunday, 18. July 12021
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Womöglich mein erster ernsthaft gemeinter Twitterthread, zur Bundestagswahl 2021 für Auslandsdeutsche.

Update: Interessiert keinen.

Car color distribution broken down by production year (Poland) – via whyisthisinteresting.substack.com.

Source: preview.redd.it

I wonder if I still should try to learn and understand this or if this is codified by purpose, for the eyes of the next upcoming generation only, and I should play my assigned part, the grumpy old man…

The first four parachain slot auction winners have all onboarded to Kusama and entered the next phase of their respective parachain launch roadmaps: Karura (a decentralized financial hub founded by the Acala Foundation), Moonriver (Moonbeam’s Ethereum compatible smart contract platform for Kusama), Shiden network (Astar’s DApp hub for Kusama), and Khala (Phala’s canary network).

Saturday, 17. July 12021
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Casio fx-9750GII Webserver.

This page is hosted on a Casio fx-9750GII graphical calculator, running a SuperH SH4 processor.