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Saturday, 16. December 12017
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Could AI help to create a meat-free world?

(…) eliminating meat from the human diet would cut up to 60% of the food-related greenhouse emissions, and free up the disproportionate share of fresh water and agricultural land that livestock use. There also are the many ethical, labour, land and garbage disposal issues around big meat processing plants.

“We fired our top developer talent. Best decision we ever made.”

Genius is a fickle beast. Sometimes you have the good fortune to work with a mad genius. Other times you are doomed to work with pure madness. There are also times when it is hard to tell the difference.

Supernaked: Die Akte Grasser als Film.

Wie kann man die Vorwürfe im größten Korruptionsprozess der Zweiten Republik so darstellen, dass sie jeder versteht?

How to Read Mathematics.

The whole thing makes me uncomfortable.

The Secret Life of 'Um'.

How filler words and tiny pauses keep conversations from going off the rails.

Nice, Futurism has now a cartoons section (@futurismcartoons) on Instagram.

The original decentralized economy. Comic by @lukekingma and @opawapo


  1. Want to really understand how bitcoin works? Here’s a gentle primer.
  2. Die drei ??? und das Geheimnis des Bitcoins (Artikel nur heute & morgen kostenlos).

The Decentralized Web Primer.

This primer contains a series of Tutorials explaining IPFS, Merkle Trees and the Decentralized Web.

Guide: Hosting DAT Archives from a Server.

The State of JavaScript 2017.

A short survey about current popular JavaScript technologies.

Learning About Cities by Mapping Their Smells.

The English artist Kate McLean is trying to preserve our olfactory memory.

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