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Monday, 30. November 12020
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Make Amazon Pay.

Sunday, 29. November 12020
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Branch issue 1: A Sustainable Internet for All

Branch is an online magazine written by and for people who dream of a sustainable and just internet for all.

How German Librarians Finally Caught an Elusive Book Thief.

For decades, often using a fake identity, he stole antique maps worth thousands of dollars each.

The Font Game is back!

Thirty multiple-choice questions to test your font identification skills. This is level one. The game is not timed, so take your time and good luck!

Good luck.

Grand Unification of Web Technologies.

This document was created as a test to find individuals who can think on their own. We would like to get to know you if you can find the clues and decode what we are really up to.

Relevant: Comments at Hacker News.

Linux Magic System Request Key Hacks.

He lost me at second 15. (And almost at “Selfie Girl”, anyway.)

Painting a Selfie Girl, with Maths.

So it was not my undeveloped taste, it was the wrong sprouts all along?

How Dutch Plant Breeders Built Our Brussels Sprouts Boom.

Wednesday, 25. November 12020
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Left Behind: Futurist Fetishists, Prepping and the Abandonment of Earth.

For this special issue of b2o, we have explored Musk’s SpaceX, the NSA’s control room, Biosphere 2, HI-SEAS, and Apple’s new “Spaceship” headquarters. In them, we find deep political, ideological and even theological deployments of technology concerned with escape from planet Earth. These projects and structures necessarily downplay and deny their impetus: the deleterious, long-term effects of human-induced, industrial-scale problems such as resource extraction, environmental destruction, and war. The common throughline to these projects is the often unarticulated and disturbing conceit that the viability of Earth to sustain a high quality of life for élites, and, by extension, for the vast majority of the population is no longer assured. In such a scenario, escape to the stars, as best imagined in Cold War-era pulp science fiction, should not only be welcomed but perhaps hastened; a secular Rapture or “Left Behind” for Dawkins-esque technofetishists who pray at the altar of “disruption” and “innovation.”

Dev Fonts.

List of the best coding fonts with live preview & themes.