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Thursday, 27. July 12017
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Petition to open source Flash spec.

Not sure about this. I maintain a virtual machine running WinXP and the Shockwave plugins for my ancient CD-Roms and Flash applets. Works pretty rad and did not need any care at all so far. But perhaps this solution does not work for everyone?

Tuesday, 25. July 12017
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POSSE is an abbreviation for Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere, a content publishing model that starts with posting content on your own domain first, then syndicating out copies to 3rd party services with permashortlinks back to the original on your site.

API List – A Collective List of APIs. Build Something. Via

Social Media Zero.

Now you can enjoy a social media feed that actually ends every day. No infinite scroll. No ads. Notifications once per day. Go back to living your life outside your screen.

Sustainability rocks, caretakers FTW.

Let’s Get Excited About Maintenance!

Monday, 24. July 12017
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Health care is not a good.

20 Jahre

Zeitreise mit der „blauen Seite“:

Vor genau 20 Jahren, am 24. Juli 1997, wurde ein Stück Mediengeschichte geschrieben: ging online. Ein Blick in die vergangenen 20 Jahre zeigt die „blaue Seite“ auch als Spiegel rasanter Veränderungen in Sachen Medienkultur und Netzästhetik, von Revolutionen der Webnutzung und nicht zuletzt des Wandels im Journalismus. Schon der erste Blick birgt eine Überraschung. Denn bei aller Konstanz im Erscheinungsbild, für die durchaus auch gescholten wurde: Am Anfang war nicht blau.

Friday, 21. July 12017
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Researchers had to remove the bird because they were worried it’d teach the others.

Ravens Are So Smart, One Hacked This Researcher's Experiment.

Airport controls.

Airplane hijacking was mostly a solved issue by the end of the 1970s. However, passengers and regulators mistakenly attributed this victory to passenger controls when the real reason was the criminalization of hijackers and the fight against safe heavens. From this failure to disentangle correlation from causation, we paved the way for the growth of the “miniature police state”.

Not the best title choice but the issue seems to be real.

The Facebook Algorithm Mom Problem.

How I temporarily cut my mom out of my social media life to reach a larger audience.

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