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Saturday, 18. May 12019
p3k dots

Create complex, reactive, persistent web applications by just writing HTML & CSS, without a single line of JavaScript and no server backend. With Mavo.

Ostrenten und Altersarmut: Die Pech-gehabt-Frauen.

In der DDR geschiedene Frauen leiden unter fehlender Gleichstellung bei der Rente. Der Bundestag handelt nicht – nun hat die AfD das Thema entdeckt.

Source: taz.de

If anyone can see the morally unthinkable online, what then?

If the image you are looking at is disturbing, is it because it is explicit and unfamiliar to you, or is it because it is wrong? When are you looking at a problem, and when is the problem you?

Senior Developers are Getting Rejected for Jobs.

Bindery.js is a library for designing printable books with HTML and CSS (via github.com).

At its simplest, Bindery flows content over multiple pages. From there, the designer can create running headers, spreads, footnotes, tables of contents, indexes, and more. Bindery also provides print options like bleed, crop marks, and booklet ordering.

About Dark Mountain.

Together, we are walking away from the stories that our societies like to tell themselves, the stories that prevent us seeing clearly the extent of the ecological, social and cultural unravelling that is now underway. We are making art that doesn’t take the centrality of humans for granted. We are tracing the deep cultural roots of the mess the world is in. And we are looking for other stories, ones that can help us make sense of a time of disruption and uncertainty.

Which Face Is Real? Learn to spot fake faces at a glance.

Relevant: blog.p3k.org.

Are you looking, Fairphone?

Shift Phones (via taz.de).

Source: shiftphones.com

The End Of Empathy.

Americans these days seem to be losing their appetite for empathy, especially the walk-a-mile-in-someone's-shoes Easter Sunday morning kind.

Relevant: Tech is “downgrading” humanity — but we can fix it.

From the surrealist acts dept.

Eating someone.

Farmed animals have personalities, smarts, even a sense of agency. Why then do we saddle them with lives of utter despair?

Relevant: If reason exists without deliberation, it cannot be uniquely human.