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Friday, 12. May 12017
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What the last Nuremberg prosecutor alive wants the world to know.

War makes murderers out of otherwise decent people. All wars, and all decent people.

4 terminal applications with great command-line UIs.

A Lot of What Is Known about Pirates Is Not True, and a Lot of What Is True Is Not Known.



The meaning of life in a world without work.

What is a religion if not a big virtual reality game played by millions of people together? Religions such as Islam and Christianity invent imaginary laws, such as “don’t eat pork”, “repeat the same prayers a set number of times each day”, “don’t have sex with somebody from your own gender” and so forth. These laws exist only in the human imagination.

The findings have stunned kidney specialists.

Why Everything We Know About Salt May Be Wrong.

New studies of Russian cosmonauts, held in isolation to simulate space travel, show that eating more salt made them less thirsty but somehow hungrier. Subsequent experiments found that mice burned more calories when they got more salt, eating 25 percent more just to maintain their weight.

Wofür steht Peter Thiel?

Die Unterstützung einer disruptiven Politik Trumps ist ein strategischer Schachzug, mit dem er sich und seinen Anhängern mehr Macht aneignet. Zahlreiche Gesichter aus der Tech-Branche haben es durch ihn bereits in das Übergangsteam von Trump geschafft (z.B.: Musk, Trae Stephens), und viele bekennen sich dazu, Kürzungen im Sozialsystem zugunsten erhöhter Investitionen im Technologiebereich gutzuheißen. Das konservative Silicon Valley hat sich seine Sitze in Washington ergattert und versucht nun aktiven Einfluss auf die Politik zu nehmen. Das hat es so noch nicht gegeben.

Doughnuts Are on a Global Rampage, and They Must Be Stopped.

We love doughnuts. That's why we must save them from themselves.

Seeing with Your Tongue.

The BrainPort consists of two parts: the band on his brow supports a tiny video camera; connected to this by a cable is a postage-stamp-size white plastic lollipop, which he holds in his mouth. The camera feed is reduced in resolution to a grid of four hundred gray-scale pixels, transmitted to his tongue via a corresponding grid of four hundred tiny electrodes on the lollipop. Dark pixels provide a strong shock; lighter pixels merely tingle. The resulting vision is a sensation that Weihenmayer describes as “pictures being painted with tiny bubbles.”

Thursday, 11. May 12017
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A gallery of real data ready to be placed in your design. Kind of like an App Store for fake content. Want to design with real data? There's a list for that.

The AI is coming to get you, too, typographers!

Font Map – hundreds of fonts arranged using machine learning.

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