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Tuesday, 20. April 12021
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Travel destination for a future generation.

Ottmanngut Suite & Breakfast.

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The Yorkshire Ripper stalked the streets but home was no haven.

(…) for women there is sometimes no escape from the darkness that is inside.

Is Programming Hard? How Long Is A Piece Of String?

Is programming hard is like asking how long a piece of string is. Without context it's meaningless. So let's try asking some better questions so that we can agree or disagree about specific issues instead of just unloading our own personal experiences and feelings.

Relevant: The Healing Power of JavaScript.

The closest an essay so far resonates my own experience, not only during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic: “Code soothes because it can provide control in moments when the world seems to spiral.”

When TV Logos Were Physical Objects.

It goes without saying that nearly everything made with graphic design and video software was once produced using a physical process, from newspapers to TV Logos. But some TV stations and film studios took things even further and designed physical logos that were filmed to create dynamic special effects.

Guarding Against Disposable Design.

Disposable design is single-use plastics.

Monday, 19. April 12021
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Comprehensive Big O Notation Guide in Plain English, using Javascript.

Journalistische Freiheit: Ameisenaufstand.

Angebern wir Juan Carlos I. verschafft der Abschuss einer Ameise keinen Distinktionsgewinn. Recht selten sieht man als Trophäe eine vom Präparator ausgestopfte Ameise an einer Wohnzimmerwand hängen. Das Ameisenfell taugt nicht mal als Bettvorleger.

Trotzdem haben diese Gliederfüßler erstaunliche Eigenschaften.

Why has climate economics failed us?

(…) a Nobel-winning climate economics model recommends that the economic cost of doing anything more than we’re already doing to stop climate change is too high.

That’s obviously bananapants (…)

Relevant: After the Pandemic, We Can’t Go Back to Sleep.

Why don’t we stop treating it as entirely normal that the more obviously one’s work benefits others, the less one is likely to be paid for it; or insisting that financial markets are the best way to direct long-term investment even as they are propelling us to destroy most life on Earth?

Your E-Mail Validation Logic is Wrong.

I'm sorry. I know you thought that validating an email address is simple, but I'm afraid that you're wrong here. It's a bit more complicated than you think. Quite a bit, actually.

We Are Here: An Atlas of Aotearoa.