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Monday, 14. June 12021
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How to Handle Secrets on the Command Line.

Avoid leaking the secret in the command string eg. with "$(< secret_file.txt)"

Free forever. No credit card required.

HASH – Complex Systems Simulation.

Build simulations in minutes not days. HASH is an open-source platform backed and built by the founders of Kaggle, Stack Overflow, Trello and Glitch.

The Truth about Lying.

You can’t spot a liar just by looking, but psychologists are zeroing in on methods that might actually work.

Source: daily.jstor.org

Reasons why bugs might feel "impossible".

Sometimes you see something early on when debugging that looks VERY suspicious and spend a long time investigating it, but then it turns out to be totally unrelated to the bug. This is pretty normal and it often doesn’t mean you did anything wrong (you can’t take the perfect most efficient path to understanding the bug every time!). But it can be really demoralizing.

Two very moving Aeon videos.

  1. The rifleman – How did the NRA transform from a sporting group to a mighty political force?

  2. Degrees of uncertainty – How much can science really tell us about the future of climate change?

How Privacy and Disinformation Are Related.

(…) when we say, “I haven’t done anything wrong,” what we really mean is, “I’m in a group of people who are privileged enough to not be subject to prosecutorial discretion.”

Saturday, 12. June 12021
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1968: So protestierten Hannovers Studenten (via aeon.co).

Zweiter Teil der HAZ-Serie über die Revolte um das Jahr 1968 herum. Studenten waren maßgeblich an den antiautoritären Protesten beteiligt. Und der Staat lieferte beständig neue Argumente für die Bewegung.

Poste das eigentlich in erster Linie, weil ich das Hitler-Icon auf dem Transparent (»Nochmal? Mit uns nicht!«) so überraschend modern finde.


Le web des domaines de premier niveau.

The top-ranking HTML editor on Google is an SEO scam.

So that was the secret: the creators of Scorecounter also made an online HTML editor which injects links for certain keywords. The beauty of this scam is that by injecting links to their own HTML editor, they have created a brilliant positive feedback loop: the higher the editor rises in the search rankings, the more people use it and the more secret links they can inject.

Friday, 11. June 12021
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TIL Niklas Luhmann resembles Larry David.

Einführung in die Kommunikationstheorie.