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Thursday, 17. January 12019
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Introducing the Baroque Theorbo.

People complain a lot about the space that I take up.

With a preface by Edgar J. Hoover.

This Godless Communism (1961 comic, via hubski.com).

“What do we do now, dad?”
“We should have done our thinking and praying before this happened, Bill, but it is never too late. Let’s go to the church and ask god’s help.”

Wednesday, 16. January 12019
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Life Is Too Short to RTFM: How Users Relate to Documentation and Excess Features in Consumer Products (via improbable.com).

Tuesday, 15. January 12019
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Gitpod – One-Click Online IDE for GitHub and other code hosting platforms.

In a blink of an eye from any GitHub project, pull request, or issue to a ready-configured, fully-featured online IDE and terminal.

Web Audio Modules Community Site.

Synthesizers and audio effects processors for web browsers.

Sunday, 13. January 12019
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Why languages and dialects really are different animals.

(…) it takes about a millennium for dialects to become languages. We know this because we can now distinguish the two.

chezmoi – manage your dotfiles securely across multiple machines (via hackaday.com).

Gunfire and dance parties – the contradictions of everyday life in Syria’s civil war.

My daughter Massa has the same age as the Syrian conflict. She was one year old when the conflict started in Aleppo. Massa didn’t learn to walk like other children. She learned to run. To run on the tips of her toes into a corner.

Infographic: Reasons to be cheerful.

As 2018 drew to a close, in DG #32 we published an infographic that suggested the world might not be as bad as the onrush of negative news headlines might have us believe.

Twenty-Five Useful Thinking Tools.

Below are twenty-five tools, I’ve abstracted from the profession I feel exemplifies them best.