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Monday, 30. March 12020
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Two Brazilian women scientists sequenced the genome of the coronavirus in record time – just 2 days after the 1st case appeared in Brazil. They used experience & technology from their studies of the Zika virus to make it happen.

10 Most(ly dead) influential programming languages.

The other day I read 20 most significant programming languages in history, a “preposterous table I just made up.” He certainly got preposterous right: he lists Go as “most significant” but not ALGOL, Smalltalk, or ML. He also leaves off Pascal because it’s “mostly dead”. Preposterous! That defeats the whole point of what “significant in history” means.

Wednesday, 25. March 12020
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Solved: How the 'Monstrous' Iguanas of the Bahamas Got So Darn Big.

With their seabird poop-fertilized plants, the iguanas on Allen Cay were ingesting double the nutrients, in the form of nitrogen, that their peers were. And they were growing bigger because of it (…)

LettuceMeet, a Doodle alternative.

Corona round-up, cont’d.

When’s the toilet paper emoji coming, Unicode consortium? Oh, we already got it… my bad 🧻

The Color Dot Font is a font composed entirely of colored circles.

In the Color Dot Font, each Latin character is replaced with a circle of a certain color. For example, an “a” character is represented by a blue circle, a “t” by a yellow circle, and so forth. Available as a TTF file, the font can be installed and used on any computer operating system.


Terminal is everything you need to build fast modern websites hosted on IPFS.

What does an IPFS hosted site look and feel like? You’re on one!

Using Zoom? Here are the privacy issues you need to be aware of.

Do not use Facebook to sign in.

Friday, 20. March 12020
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The most surprising Unix programs.

Only a couple of these programs are indispensable or much used. What singles them out is their originality. (…) Originators of nearly half the list (…) were women, well beyond women's demographic share of computer science.