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Thursday, 15. November 12018
p3k dots

In the performace Instant Choir 2.0 Mimu Merz and Lukas Lauermann take you on a poetic voyage through the current socio-electronic sphere. As harmless as it might sound, it soundfully harms your digital comfort zone.

Use BackYourStack to discover the Open Source projects your organization is using that need financial support.

BugBucket brings us public issues for private Github repos.

Flag Stories.

How Kevin Mitnick Stole the Source Code for the Best Cell Phone of 1992.


This artist uses jigsaw puzzles, with the same die cut pattern, to make these terrific mashups (via boingboing.net).

Source: i1.wp.com

Relevant: The Earth Puzzle is a map of the globe unlike any you’ve seen before.

Before Envelopes, People Protected Messages With Letterlocking.

For centuries, senders used folds, slits, and wax seals to guard correspondence from prying eyes.

Meet Yourself.

That’s the funny paradox about personality tests. They are a means to feel understood and, at the same time, the exact opposite: a way to be stripped to our most bare, obvious parts, with most of you not seen at all.

Meteor showers as seen from space.

Watch as Earth flies through clouds of meteors.