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Friday, 21. October 12016
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Interaction Design is dead. What now?

Selected talks by Daniel Grumiller’s START group “Black Holes”.

How Music Affects Your Brain (Plus 11 Artists To Listen To At Work).

The Kink in Elon Musk’s Hyperloop.

Oh, and nobody outside the company believes a passenger hyperloop is coming to California anytime soon. Even those within the company recognize that the first hyperloop will probably be built somewhere like Dubai, with its flat terrain and wealthy autocratic government. If it does get built there, it will still raise the question: Is this the start of a new era, or just the latest ski slope in a shopping mall?

Is Model-View-Controller dead on the front end?

More and more front-end developers are adopting unidirectional architectures. So what’s the future for the classic Model-View-Controller approach?

One of the largest typographic projects ever undertaken.

Google and Monotype launch Noto, an open-source typeface family for all the world’s languages.

What's With All Of The “Hairy Arms” In Graphic Design?

Thursday, 20. October 12016
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How a Facial Recognition Mismatch Can Ruin Your Life.

FBI facial recognition experts identified Steve Talley as a bank robber. They were wrong.

Relevant: The Perpetual Line-Up – One of two American adults is in a law enforcement face recognition database. An investigation.

Is the Self-Driving Car Un-American?

What Happens to American Myth When You Take the Driver Out of It? Or: The self-driving car and the future of the self.

Welcome to the global disruption.

Your brilliant Kickstarter idea could be on sale in China before you’ve even finished funding it.

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