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Saturday, 27. August 12016
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The endless journey to replace the web's most iconic​ and flawed filetype.

Inside the Internet's Unending Quest to Kill the GIF.


Sitting Up.

Selecting one sitting posture over another has far-reaching consequences. If you sit on floor mats, you are likely to develop an etiquette that requires removing footwear before entering the home. You are also more likely to wear sandals or slippers rather than laced-up shoes, and loose clothing that enables you to squat or sit cross-legged. Floor-sitters tend not to use tall wardrobes—it is more convenient to store things in chests and low cabinets closer to floor level.

It’s The Future.

So I just need to split my simple CRUD app into 12 microservices, each with their own APIs which call each others’ APIs but handle failure resiliently, put them into Docker containers, launch a fleet of 8 machines which are Docker hosts running CoreOS, “orchestrate” them using a small Kubernetes cluster running etcd, figure out the “open questions” of networking and storage, and then I continuously deliver multiple redundant copies of each microservice to my fleet. Is that it?

Wikiverse: a galactic reimagining of Wikipedia

The Wikiverse project is an interactive 3D visualization of Wikipedia, reimagined as a cosmic web of knowledge. Here, articles are stars bound together to form topics, fields and subjects.

Friday, 26. August 12016
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(Docker) Containers are not VMs.

Me, myself and I backed De La Soul’s new Album on Kickstarter and now it’s here and I downloaded it and it’s great and I feel like in the 9Ts again, just as melancholic as the album sounds, back in the daisy age.

Update: Here’s a documentary about “and the Anonymous Nobody” previewing a lot of their music.

Blog, You Idiots!

Thursday, 25. August 12016
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Dead sea fashion victim.

Artist Leaves Dress In The Dead Sea For 2 Years And It Turns Into Glittering Salt Crystal Masterpiece.

For her latest project, Israeli artist Sigalit Landau decided to submerge a black gown in the Dead Sea. The gown entered the salt-rich waters in 2014 and was recently removed for display, and as you can see from these stunning pictures, the end result is nothing short of magical.

slap – Sublime-like terminal-based text editor.

People Often Trust Eloquence More Than Honesty.

It’s troubling because we’d like to think honesty would be rewarded, but in fact, people who deftly sidestep questions are rewarded more than people who answer honestly but ineloquently.

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