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Friday, 19. October 12018
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Book Cover Archive.


Stone Soup anyone?

How “data” became a hidden ingredient propping up digital art.


The hypnotical movements of the Dragon Snake.

Frequency-Shaped Jungle Noise Generator.

The Sound of the Jungle, without the leeches.

First birth, then death. In between logistic problems.

Disrupting the reaper: Tech titans' quest for immortality rages forward.

Silicon Valley's war on death continues—as does the uncomfortable, spreading psychology of those rich enough to fight it.

Thursday, 18. October 12018
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each day
on this pale blue dot
20 million people
celebrate their birthday
on average.

Monday, 15. October 12018
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SF-LOVERS: the Little-Known Story of the Internet’s First Social Network.

It all started with a chain email the Pentagon tried to shut down.

Relevant: August 7, 2010: The Web is dead.

Inter UI is a new typeface optimized for computer user interfaces.