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Sunday, 28. February 12021
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“The catastrophe of industrial meat is a poorly concealed secret.”

The Sadism of Eating Real Meat Over Lab Meat.

The meat industry also abuses animals long before it actually kills them, and depends on the exploitation of vulnerable human workers at the best of times. During Covid-19, slaughterhouses have become hubs of infection. Animal agriculture also helps develop and spread other zoonotic illnesses, such as H1N1 swine flu and H5N1—and more recently H5N8—avian influenza, in addition to playing a role in the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Plain Text Protocols.

The world runs on these types of plain text protocol so don't reinvent the wheel if you find yourself building a software system and there is an existing protocol available.

10 Years of Open-Source Visualization.

In honor of D3 1.0’s tin anniversary, I thought I’d reflect on lessons learned. This isn’t intended to be too comprehensive or serious — just a handful of observations as I look ahead to the next ten years. But I hope a nugget or two will interest you, too.

Keeping platforms open.

How open platforms become closed, and how standards-driven development can prevent it from happening.

When will Google buy it?

Whimsical – The Visual Workspace.

Whimsical is a unified suite of collaboration tools. Great for product specs, wikis, brainstorming, ideation, user flows, architecture diagrams and more.

Lessons from a year of Covid.

The Covid year has highlighted the crucial role that many low-paid professions play in maintaining human civilisation: nurses, sanitation workers, truck drivers, cashiers, delivery people. It is often said that every civilisation is just three meals away from barbarism. In 2020, the delivery people were the thin red line holding civilisation together. They became our all-important lifelines to the physical world.

RecipeRadar – recipe search engine and meal planner.

Sitting by the fire with a nomadic tribe, a physicist ponders the many shapes of wisdom.

Tuesday, 23. February 12021
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Exploring the privacy spectrum.

“How John Gray’s philosophy helped me understand my war experience.”

The search for meaning is now so hardwired into us that we struggle with the idea that there’s no deeper meaning to find. This explains our desire for conspiracy theories that reveal a hidden order in times of uncertainty, when the precarious and contingent nature of our world is exposed, such as during the current global pandemic.