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Sunday, 10. March 12019
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PPIO - A private, stable and affordable decentralized storage.

The Route of a Text Message, a Love Story.

The surprisingly complex journey a text message takes every time we hit 'send.'

A comprehensive (and honest) list of UX clichés.

“People don’t scroll” — “People are used to scrolling (…)”.

How to render 3D in 2D canvas.

This article shows how to render 3D by only using the native 2D Canvas API in JavaScript.

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) is committed to transnational investigative reporting and promoting technology-based approaches to exposing organized crime and corruption worldwide.

Conditio Humana – Technology, Ai And Ethics.

The future of humankind in the light of digitization — who we want to be, how we want to live, and how technology will help us live up to these ideals.

Chimpanzees Are Going Through a Tragic Loss.

We care about the loss of our own cultures. We work to document languages that are going extinct. We store old art in museums. We establish heritage sites to protect our cultural and historical treasures. It seems shortsighted—unimaginative, even—to be so concerned with our own traditions, but so blasé about those of our closest cousins, especially when we’ve only just started to appreciate how rich their cultural landscape can be.

Frauen eh mitgemeint“: Gendern und die Gegenargumente.

Wenn Berufe in gendergerechter Sprache bezeichnet werden, schätzen Mädchen und auch Buben Berufe, die von Männern dominiert sind, als erreichbarer ein und trauen sich eher zu, diese zu ergreifen. Geschlechtergerechte Sprache verstärke die Zuversicht von Kindern, in traditionell männlichen Berufen erfolgreich zu sein (…)

Thursday, 7. March 12019
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Lab-Grown Meat Can't Fix the Planet That Capitalism Broke.

“it is easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine the end of capitalism.”

Relevant: Future City by Fredric Jameson (who the quote is actually from).

Tuesday, 5. March 12019
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This Is Silicon Valley.

“The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads.”