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Saturday, 13. July 12024
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GUIs are Antisocial.

I’ve never seen anybody use a GUI in a clever way. Ever. There’s no cleverness to it. No, like, “Oh my god, you should see the way Adam clicked that mouse. Oh my god. Guys, guys, guys, guys, come on! Check it out: Adam’s going to click the button! Oh my god! That’s amazing!” It just doesn’t happen.

Friday, 12. July 12024
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In defense of an old pixel.

Klasse fuer Alle – Weiterbildung für Alle, Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien.

Die Klasse für Alle ist das Weiterbildungsprogramm der Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien. Es richtet sich an alle, die sich für die Infragestellung, Neugestaltung und “Wieder-Verzauberung”* unserer Gesellschaft interessieren. Die Dringlichkeit der aktuellen existenziellen Gefahren erfordert gemeinschaftliches Handeln und Dialog. Wir laden Menschen jeden Alters, unterschiedlichster Kulturen und Herkünfte, aus allen Berufsfeldern, mit oder ohne Vorbildung und den diversesten Fähigkeiten und Interessen ein, mit uns an einer lebenswerten Gegenwart und Zukunft zu arbeiten.

* Relevant: Re-enchanting the world – Feminism and the politics of the commons.

The Public Interest Internet.

Internationally, we have four recognised global commons: the high seas and deep seabed, outer space, Antartica, and to some degree the atmosphere. All of these have issues with their governance, but they are a step forward. As we face the critical challenges of the coming few decades, we need to begin thinking about upgrading global commons to properly planetary commons24, and internet infrastructure understood broadly should be one of them. Without coordination we won't solve the climate and biosphere crises, and with captured infrastructure we cannot coordinate in intelligent and resilient ways.

Relevant: We Need To Rewild The Internet

¹ Unfortunately, this article starts with the very disputable claim, the German word “Waldsterben” (forest dieback) was coined in the “late 18th century” – while even the WIkipedia source clearly states it came up in the 1980s. This is also how I remember it, growing up with the increasing fear of a landmark of German mythology dying due to predatory exploitation of the planet’s eco system. The German article about Waldsterben is even more explicit: “Als Waldsterben (auch: neuartige Waldschäden) werden Schädigungen des Waldes bezeichnet, die seit etwa 1980 großflächig auftreten.”

Admiral Grace Hopper’s landmark lecture is found, but the NSA won’t release it.

In a vault at the National Security Agency lies a historical treasure: two AMPEX 1-inch open reel tapes containing a landmark lecture by Admiral Grace Hopper, a giant in the field of computer science. Yet this invaluable artifact remains inaccessible, trapped in an obsolete format that the NSA will not release, stating that the agency is unable to play it back.

How free software hijacked Philip Hazel's life.

Hazel had informed a colleague, Piete Brooks, that he was working on Exim. Brooks wanted to try it out, but Hazel demurred because he had not written any documentation. (This may be the first known case of a programmer refusing to distribute undocumented code...) Brooks response was "I don't want the documentation, I want the code." Even so, Hazel insisted on writing a first cut of the Exim manual before packaging up the code and sending it off to meet its fate.

Die vegini Freischwimmer (»Vischstäbchen«) sind richtig gut! Derzeit nur leider nicht online zu bestellen…

Sophia Süßmilch.

Ein „Fuck you“ an alle Abramović-Erwartungen.

6 Mindset-Impulse, wenn alles Scheiße ist.

Ich sag’s einfach mal, wie das Leben so spielt: Manchmal ist alles Scheiße.

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