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Tuesday, 25. June 12019
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Orange art! 10 selection of how to peel is too shocking!


Source: min-tori.com

Back to the future.

Into the Personal-Website-Verse.

Quote people and link to other sites.

The dawn of plastocene.

A Strange New Blend of Rock and Plastic Is Forming on a Portuguese Island (via futurism.com).

Source: i.kinja-img.com

Tinysheet – a mobile-first mini-spreadsheet that's lightweight, private, and powerful.

The world’s tiniest spreadsheet has only as many rows, columns, and functions as you need, and it’s easy to use on mobile touchscreen keyboards.

Saturday, 22. June 12019
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freezeframe.js is a library that pauses animated .gifs and enables them to animate on mouse hover / mouse click / touch event, or with trigger / release functions (via github.com).

Relevant: cinemagraphs.com.


Wer ist Werner Rydl?

…der Staatsfeind Nr.1, ein Steuerbetrüger, ein Trickster, das Superhirn oder doch nur ein Rebell?

Ekaterina Lukasheva. Origami artist. Paper magician and designer.

Btw. what the great Scott is wrong with Instagram’s embedding code? It’s like 10.000 characters long and the result still happens to look weird?

This Is What Fruits and Vegetables Looked Like Before Humans Intervened.

(…) around 10,000 years ago, bananas were packed with so many hard seeds that they were basically inedible. Every so often, hunter-gatherers in Southeast Asia would happen upon a mutant: a banana with no seeds and soft fruit. Farmers back then would grow more of these freak fruits by simply replanting cuttings of their living trees.

Women’s minds matter.

What’s most instructive about transhumanism, though, isn’t what it exposes about the hubris of rich white men. It’s the fact that it represents a paradigm case of what happens when a particular cast of mind, made from the sediment of centuries of philosophy, gets taken to its logical extreme.

Modulating Afrofuturist Climates (via berlinergazette.de).

(…) about the possibility of exo-planetary politics and Afrofuturism in the context of current conversations about climate change.