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Wednesday, 15. July 12020
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Women’s pain, it seems, is hysterical until proven otherwise.

Would the ardent devotee of ‘extreme intermittent fasting’ be diagnosed with an eating disorder if he were a 16-year-old girl who wanted to be thin, instead of a 35-year-old tech bro who wanted to master ‘biohacking’? Quite possibly.

Saturday, 11. July 12020
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Unicode is Awesome.

A curated list of delightful Unicode tidbits, packages and resources.

Klimaverträgliches Reisen zum Standard machen.

Aufgrund der Covid-19-Pandemie kam das Reisen fast zum Erliegen. Beim vorsichtig zu erfolgenden Neustart muss nun die Chance genutzt werden, den zahlreichen negativen Seiteneffekten des herkömmlichen Reiseverhaltens klimaverträglich gegenzusteuern.

Source: vcoe.at

The History of the Future.

The best way to predict the future, if you will, is to be a dude whose words get picked up by the news.

The scroll of shame.

Wealth, shown to scale.

By inconveniencing just 400 people, the entire human race could advance to a new, unprecedented level of development. And all of them would still be billionaires afterwards.

Scraping Isn't Hacking.

The Browser Engine That Could.

Descendants of KHTML, browsers backed by engines in the Blink / Webkit family, account for over 90% of browser use. From practical oblivion to 90% market share in fifteen years. An enormous achievement. And one that is not without consequences.

L.A.'s Insects Are Hairy, Iridescent, and Crazy Photogenic.

The images are a reminder to anyone wandering Los Angeles that the sky and ground are teeming with little bits of wonder, and that their backyards may be full of creatures that aren’t yet known to science.

Five Computers.

Like the 640k RAM thing attributed to Bill Gates, the five computers quote seems to be a fabrication from a later age, invented to teach us a lesson about the futility of grand predictions. It’s a shame, though, because the five computers prediction looks like it may come true very soon.

Fish are nothing like us, except that they are sentient beings.

We mustn’t deny that when we see the gasping gills of an expiring fish on a dock, there was something it was like to be that fish: that it was sentient, and it could feel pain, and it did suffer.