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Tuesday, 23. February 12021
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Exploring the privacy spectrum.

“How John Gray’s philosophy helped me understand my war experience.”

The search for meaning is now so hardwired into us that we struggle with the idea that there’s no deeper meaning to find. This explains our desire for conspiracy theories that reveal a hidden order in times of uncertainty, when the precarious and contingent nature of our world is exposed, such as during the current global pandemic.

WebAssembly Search Tools for Static Sites.

These projects scan and index your content at build time and ship it to the browser with the rest of your static files. No out-of-your-control external service required. A small library in JavaScript (sometimes accompanied by WebAssembly) loads the index and allows instant searching and works just fine offline.

State Of GDPR In 2021: Key Updates And What They Mean.

As digital practitioners, GDPR has impacted every facet of our professional and personal lives. Whether you’re addicted to Instagram, message your family on WhatsApp, buy products from Etsy or Google information, no one has escaped the rules that were introduced in 2018.

Why Is Naming Things Hard?

Reading code involves building up a mental model of what each thing should do, and how these things interact with each other. The best code, however, short-circuits reading everything. Instead of reading the implementation, you use variable and function names, comments, and other clues to figure things out.

What a lovely and wonderful movie.

Vi är bäst.


The programming language for writing single page applications.

Products vs Protocols: What Signal got right.

Signal today may be as benign as WhatsApp before its acquisition by Facebook. But change is inevitable, from whatever direction it comes. Signal is a technical, organizational and political point of failure.

How Popperian falsification enabled the rise of neoliberalism.

The notion that science is all about falsification has done incalculable damage not just to science but to human wellbeing. It has normalised distrust as the default condition for knowledge-making, while setting an unreachable and unrealistic standard for the scientific enterprise. Climate sceptics demand precise predictions of an impossible kind, yet seize upon a single anomalous piece of data to claim to have disproved the entire edifice of combined research; anti-vaxxers exploit the impossibility of any ultimate proof of safety to fuel their destructive activism. In this sense, Popperianism has a great deal to answer for.

Write the Docs is a global community of people who care about documentation.

We consider everyone who cares about communication, documentation, and their users to be a member of our community. This can be programmers, tech writers, developer advocates, customer support, marketers, and anyone else who wants people to have great experiences with software.