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Saturday, 23. September 12017
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Manchmal recht verblüffend.

In was für einer Welt leben wir eigentlich?

Sicherheit, Klima, Integration: Auf #whatthefact findest du heraus, wie gut dich bei den brennenden Themen unserer Zeit wirklich auskennst.

Going from A to B isn’t always a straight line – but it can be very good fun.

Created for the Japanese educational TV programme Design Ah, this brief, boisterous video demonstrates the concept of mathematical thresholds, where an A-to-B change occurs once a certain value is exceeded. Combining a lively score with a series of clever demonstrations, Unendurable Line is equal parts concept explainer and pure, short-form internet video fun.

Facebook’s war on free will.

While it creates the impression that it offers choice, in truth Facebook paternalistically nudges users in the direction it deems best for them, which also happens to be the direction that gets them thoroughly addicted. It’s a phoniness that is most obvious in the compressed, historic career of Facebook’s mastermind.

The Hobbit and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland illustrated by Tove Jansson (via

What mass exodus looks like.

Europe’s New Borders.

The scale of the Rohingya crisis.

Is taxation theft?

The assumption that you own the contents of your pay-packet, although almost universal, is demonstrably confused.


We have a new word for that feeling when travel makes everything new.

Two interviews with Ellen Ullman.

How Silicon Valley’s past predicts its future.

“I Had a Boss Who Interrupted Me Constantly to Say, ‘Gee, You Have Pretty Hair’.”

(Via @austinkleon.)

Friday, 22. September 12017
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Thanks, FM4!

What Silicon Valley keeps getting wrong: That "hater" was supposed to be your user.

Some people have liked to pretend enlightened Silicon Valley would be counterpoint to the hate and divisiveness and the lies of a Trump America. In fact, Silicon Valley, you’re soaking in it.

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