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Sunday, 26. March 12017
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The Single Biggest Mistake Programmers Make Every Day.

How “engagement” made the web a less engaging place.

The Like Button Ruined the Internet.

Saturday, 25. March 12017
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Keine Ahnung, ob die App was taugt; jedenfalls find ich die beiden Audio-Features gut gemacht.

Stasiverhöre: Manipulierte Geständnisse.

Das 2-teilige Audio-Feature und die VR-App mit historischen Originalaufnahmen sollen Methoden und Auswirkungen der sogenannten „operationellen Psychologie“ verdeutlichen. Um das Ziel eines „Geständnisses“ zu erreichen, hatten die Vernehmer der Stasi ein ganzes Arsenal psychologischer Methoden und bedienten sich dabei auch wissenschaftlicher Erkenntnisse.

Breakthroughs, quackery and strange beauty: the afterlife of outmoded medical devices.

Click Here to Kill Everyone.

We’ve created an internet that senses, thinks, and acts. How can we protect ourselves if it goes wrong?

The Gig Economy Celebrates Working Yourself to Death.

America’s self-reliance obsession makes it more acceptable to applaud working yourself to death than to argue that doing so points to a flawed economic system.

In Defence of Hierarchy vs Hierarchy is either strictly constrained or it is indefensible.

Stack Overflow released the results of their developer survey 2017 – Quincy Larson combed through these results and summarized them for us.

“What I learned from Stack Overflow’s massive survey of 64,000 developers.”

What do slaveholders think?

It is everywhere illegal yet slavery persists in many corners of the global economy. How do its beneficiaries justify it?

Back to the Future of Handwriting Recognition.

Fifty years ago, RAND corporation developed the Graphical Input Language software system (GRAIL). In a RAND memorandum from 1966, the stated objective of GRAIL was to, “Investigate methods by which a user may deal directly, naturally, and easily with [their] problem.” Users communicated with GRAIL using a pen-like instrument and tablet. GRAIL had no mouse, no keyboard, no buttons, no joystick, and none of the other paraphernalia that we generally associate with modern computing. When the user wanted a box on the screen, they drew the box. When the user wanted text on the screen, they handprinted the text.

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