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Monday, 14. August 12017
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Open Diversity Data.

Companies already collect data about their employee demographics. Let's ask them to publish it.

Sunday, 13. August 12017
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Is the World Slouching Toward a Grave Systemic Crisis?

Here we are in this information age, with our more than $70 billion intelligence enterprise, and as a government and as a country, I feel we are less able to reconstruct the policymaking world in the really crucial, swing countries than we were in Marshall’s time 70 years ago. And U.S. capacities for working with foreigners to solve their problems were also smarter and more functional 70 years ago than they are now.

dirty girls.

A snapshot of feminism and high school in the 1990s.

Um, no reference to Dunning-Kruger?

A theory of fools.

Are you surrounded by fools? Are you the only reasonable person around? Then maybe you’re the one with the jerkitude.

Looking down the rabbit hole.

Humans and robots are on the cusp of a sexual intimacy we may never reverse.

Model View Culture was a “magazine about technology, culture and diversity” – and here I am again, having slept under a stone. Wish I could grab some printed issue from somewhere…

Relevant: “Speaking up every. Fucking. Time” – How one feminist publisher is taking on the worst of Silicon Valley (and some of her allies, too).

The Front Row.

From the stage or the photo pit, capturing the most passionate devotees, a view rarely seen by anyone but the performer.

Friday, 11. August 12017
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Fascinating history about early networking and IPv6.

The world in which IPv6 was a good design.

Unsere Fahrräder wiegen nichts und kosten ein Vermögen.

Hier ist die Rede von Männern und Frauen. Sie sind zwischen fünfundzwanzig und vierzig. Sie sehen jünger aus. Sie sind sympathisch und attraktiv. Sie haben dieses Strahlen, etwas Ungezwungenes und Leichtes geht von ihnen aus. Sie sind fit, sie sind durchtrainiert - und oft im Freien. Ihre Fahrräder wiegen nichts und kosten ein Vermögen. Sie sind gut ausgebildet; sie fühlen sich frei. Sie meinen es nicht böse. Sie sind Monster.

Thursday, 10. August 12017
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JPNG.svg (Transparent PNG with JPEG Compression).

Combine the transparency of a PNG with the compression of a JPEG.

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