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Wednesday, 20. January 12021
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Interesting blog theme.

The Internet is (not) broken.

Again on 0-based vs. 1-based indexing (via lobste.rs).

I think that a better thought, instead of trying to defend 1-based indexing, is to try to answer the question “why is 0-based indexing even a thing in programming languages?” — of course, nowadays the number one reason is tradition and familiarity given other popular languages, and I think even proponents of 0-based indexing would agree, in spite of the fact that most of them wouldn’t even notice that they don’t call it a number zero reason.


Sidetone is audible feedback to someone speaking or otherwise producing sound as an indication of active transmission.

Sidetone is expected behavior for telephone systems. Absence of sidetone can cause users to believe the call has been dropped or cause them to speak loudly. Too much sidetone can cause users to speak softly.

I remember RSS Bandwidth Fixes were one of the harder tasks when I tinkered with my own RSS aggregator.



WTF is 🥇 c0d3.Attorney?

Explain the wait!

Alternatives to Spinners on the Web.

Animated spinners are so 1999, there are some obvious and less-obvious alternatives to improve user experience.

Running a fake power plant on the internet for a month.

Relevant: outline.com – Read & annotate witout distractions.

Saturday, 16. January 12021
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