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Wednesday, 28. June 12017
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Search Interactive Mind Maps to learn anything.

A team of developers just launched an open source search engine that will show you how to learn pretty much anything. It works by clustering resources into “mind maps.” (via

Welcome to DuckDuckHack!

With your knowledge of the Web and some code, you can help DuckDuckGo become the best search engine!

Modern today, gone tomorrow.

sonar – a linting tool for the web.

I just took a peek to the slow journalism revolution: Delayed Gratification.

The UK's Quarterly Almanac — Last to breaking news.

The Final Frontier.

What Is Space?

It turns out that the nature of space itself is one of the biggest and strangest mysteries in the universe. So get ready, because things are about to get ... spacey.

Saturday, 24. June 12017
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The Queen Bee of Downtown Durham.

A 24-year-old, fifth-generation North Carolina beekeeper has built a different kind of startup. No millennials writing code. Just thousands of
bees, making honey and money in downtown Durham.


Shady Characters: The Ampersand.

The music of Vietnam in the sixties.

Saigon Supersound Volume 1.

Why Your Brain Hates Other People. (And how to make it think differently.)

As a kid, I saw the 1968 version of Planet of the Apes. As a future primatologist, I was mesmerized. Years later I discovered an anecdote about its filming: At lunchtime, the people playing chimps and those playing gorillas ate in separate groups.

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