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Sunday, 21. May 12023
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Prince and the revolution.

In wiretapped phone conversations German security services heard one of the co-conspirators discussing how deaths “were bound to happen” during the coup. The prince allegedly remarked gleefully: “We’re going to crush them! The fun is over.”

#Reichsbürger #Neofascists

Friday, 12. May 12023
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Azymuth “50th Anniversary Tour – In the Memory of Ivan ‘Mamão Conti’ (1946-2023)”.

Am Dienstagmorgen erhielten wir die tragische Nachricht, dass unser lieber Freund, der legendäre Schlagzeuger und eines der Gründungsmitglieder von Azymuth Ivan "Mamão" Conti in der Nacht unerwartet verstorben ist.

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Xerox PARC source code (via info.computerhistory.org).

This archive is a collection of source code and digital text documents, image files, and other files from Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). This came from the same IFS backup file repositories that the earlier 2013 release of the Xerox Alto source code archive came from, and is a superset of that archive, containing files related to projects from the 1980s, up to 1994, that were not included there.

wader/fq: jq for binary formats.

fq is inspired by the well known jq tool and language and allows you to work with binary formats the same way you would using jq. In addition it can present data like a hex viewer, transform, slice and concatenate binary data. It also supports nested formats and has an interactive REPL with auto-completion.

See this page fetch itself, byte by byte, over TLS.

This page performs a live, annotated https: request for its own source.

Der Meerrettichbaum (Moringa oleifera, Syn.: Guilandina moringa)…

…oder auch Behenbaum, Behennussbaum, Klärmittelbaum, Trommelstockbaum, Pferderettichbaum und wie manche andere Pflanzenarten auch Wunderbaum (…)

yes > /dev/null & all the way down…

Stress Test a Mac by Maxing Out CPU.

The seven programming ur-languages.

I am aware of seven ur-languages in software today. I’ll name them for a type specimen, the way a species in paleontology is named for a particular fossil that defines it and then other fossils are compared to the type specimen to determine their identity.

Maria, die Mächtige.

»Frauenlob wird gerne von Kirchenmännern gesungen, die aber allein bestimmen, wo Frauen ihre Talente in der Kirche einbringen dürfen. In ihrer Mitte dulden sie nur eine Frau: Maria. Auf ihrem Sockel. Da steht sie. Und darf nur schweigen. Holen wir sie vom Sockel! In unsere Mitte. Als Schwester, die in die gleiche Richtung schaut wie wir.«

Understanding the bin, sbin, usr/bin, usr/sbin split.

Ken and Dennis leaked their OS into the equivalent of home because an RK05 disk pack on the PDP-11 was too small.