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Thursday, 9. August 12018
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Bootable CD + retro game in a tweet.

General Magic.

That time in 1994 when Steve Jobs got to use a device like an iPhone.

Fortunately, here is an alternative ranking of the world’s »best cities« to live in, this time in regard to needs and desires of Millennials (via editionf.com).

Vienna, periodically number 1 in the Mercer study, ranks on #26 here. Maybe the truth lies somewhere in-between but I find it quite interesting that this city does not sparkle so golden for the average younger folks, obviously.

The works of Grace Weaver (via monde-diplomatique.de).

I think she is gorgeous.

What happens when an everyday person gets pranked on Sacha Baron Cohen’s TV show? Christy Cones tells all.

Unfollowing Everybody.

One of the most immediate benefits is that, when something terrible happens in the news, I don't see an endless, repetitive stream of dozens of people reacting to it in succession. It turns out, I don't mind knowing about current events, but it hurts to see lots of people I care about going through anguish or pain when bad news happens. I want to optimize for being aware, but not emotionally overwhelmed

Postcards from the Edge.

The Berkeley Pit is a gorgeous, toxic former mining site in Montana that’s beloved by tourists. But unless it’s cleaned up soon, it could become the worst environmental disaster in American history.

Tuesday, 7. August 12018
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Programmable Pen Tool.

All the Things Satellites Can Now See From Space.

They’re getting smaller, cheaper, and easier to launch. Here’s what they’re capturing.

Source: assets.bwbx.io