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Monday, 22. January 12018
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Secrecy Is Dead. Here's What Happens Next.

Texts and emails leave a trail, making it easier to document incidents and interactions. Secrets used to be the purview of people. Now they are owned by the platforms and databases into which we deposit them—and those have proven easy to penetrate.

Will There Ever Be an Anglerfish Emoji?

Two researchers are hoping to diversify our chief communicative ecosystem.

Microchimerism: how pregnancy changes the mother’s very DNA.

(…) another body of research has found that foetal cells can protect the mother. They appear to congregate at wound sites, including Caesarean incisions, to speed up healing. They participate in angiogenesis, the creation of new blood vessels. A recent survey of the immunological implications of microchimerism in Nature Reviews by researchers at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital asserts that these cells ‘are not accidental “souvenirs” of pregnancy, but are purposefully retained within mothers and their offspring to promote genetic fitness by improving the outcome of future pregnancies’.

Ethereum Alarm Clock Beta Release.

The Chronologic team has been working on rebuilding the core infrastructure of the Ethereum Alarm Clock smart contracts in order to once again allow users of Ethereum to schedule transaction calls in the future.

Kunst im Auftrag der CIA: Wie steht es um das Freiheitsversprechen der westlichen Demokratien?

Nuclear deterrence is more ideology than theory.

Nuclear deterrence continues to dominate international relations. Yet there is no proof it ever worked, nor that it ever will.


Loop Drop is a looper, modular synth and sampler designed for improvisation and live performance.

Saturday, 20. January 12018
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Jedenfalls keine zeitgemäße Anpassung des Magazintitels.

Was hat die #metoo-Debatte in den Redaktionen ausgelöst?

Unter Beschuss – Das #NetzDG in der Praxis. Ein Erfahrungsbericht.

Hater gab es schon immer. Heute sind sie vernetzt und schwer bewaffnet. Ihre Geschütze: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. Seit 18 Monaten werden meine Familie und ich im Netz gezielt unter Beschuss genommen. Das umstrittene NetzDG hat uns eine kurze Atempause verschafft. Doch das eigentliche Problem sitzt woanders.

Cierge is an open source authentication server (OIDC) that handles user signup, login, profiles, management, and more. Instead of storing passwords, Cierge uses magic links/codes and external logins to authenticate your users.

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