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19 years ago
p3k dots

and then i have seen ulrich seidl's hundstage. tough stuff. but in all that staging with lay-actors (which is no staging, then, and this way the movie avoids becoming too social-voyeuristic) there is that normalcy-beyond-any-norms, that sociotope-in-a-distance (at least from my point of view) with imaginations becoming real through their recognisable implications. i don't know these people, but i know that they are real, somewhere out there, i probably even crossed their way for a moment or two.

and as a reflection from that view angle into the looking glass i see all that aggression, submission and humiliation contained in a few moments of what is supposed to be a feeling of bliss. human bodies on their knees, repelling and yet determining, dominating as well as devoting, being a part of all our destinies. after rain come shine (or rather vice versa), after erase come rewind.

still there is a seidl and strohheim retrospective at the film museum until end of january. so hurry up!