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18 years ago
p3k dots

these lovely blue midgets!

remember the smurf's communist leanings? it just came to my mind that i always wondered why the cat of gargamel (who gets connotated in the cartoon as the bad guy) is called "azrael" – at the time only by intuition, ie. thinking of the homophone "israel".

azrael is another name for "ariel" or "uriel" (and some say the cat was called "uriel" in earlier times). obviously this name refers to a priest or one of the archangels (the angel of death) but there is a strong emphasis on jewish history.

adding gargamel's appearance as "a parody of a stereo-typical jewish man with dark hair and prominent features" one probably could come to the conclusion that the smurfs are not communists at all, but merely aryan puppets similar to right-wing terrorist groups like the us-american ku-klux klan.

however, political propaganda always tend to pocket popular symbols for the sake of her ideology, either as evangelism or as determent. and maybe, very maybe, communism and national-socialism have more in common than most of us would want to admit?

flames, please.