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On a monstrous sentence.

This is how Éva died.

In May of that year, the group was joined by Éva Izsák, a 19-year-old Jewish antifascist activist. Lakatos, considering that there was a risk that she would be captured and forced to betray them, decided that her duty to the group was to commit suicide. Subsequently, a member of the group took her to Debrecen and gave her cyanide. – en.wikipedia.org

When the genius cult is at work murder – or at least instigation to commit murder – just becomes a byline of history. And certainly, Éva Izsák got no Wikipedia entry to tell us her story.

So here is a Memorial of Words for Éva written by her sister, Mária Zimán (via johnkadvany.com).

A man called Imre Liebschitz was the "brains" behind the group, who, by right of his alleged intellectual superiority and probably age, used psychological terror to rule over a rather large group of well-meaning young people who saw him as the embodiment of the Communist Party. What he said was always "right," therefore, they blindly believed whatever he said and obeyed his "orders," which he always presented to them as top-level instruction. Liebschitz's wife, Éva Révész, was the number two "ideologist," and this "Marxist couple" claimed a monopoly over life and death.