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2 weeks ago
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There’s Not a Lot of Self-Reflection in Silicon Valley.

Usually in a tech company, you’re working so hard and running so fast that there’s not a ton of time for reflection. For example, many people set stretch goals or 50/50 goals. Goals you set for yourself that you have a 50% chance of achieving. You hope that by stretching yourself, you will actually achieve 75% of them. So, you’re always in a sprint, trying to do more with less. And when you’re sprinting toward a goal, you don’t have time to question the ecosystem. An important takeaway is that Silicon Valley requires lots of young employees because if you don’t have the stamina to be working nonstop, full time as overtime, you’re not going to cut it. And in performance reviews, you’re competing against your colleagues, so the pressure is always there to do more. It’s relentless.