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7 months ago
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Notes to the talk rejected by RubyConf.

Language, perception, and empathy: Ukrainian's gaze.

(…) there is a repetitive story of how a struggle to state a few phrases of code clearer uncovers an architectural-layer problem, otherwise invisible through a massive of visibly clean code that follows the common style and gives descriptive names to everything and split into small methods yet loses “what was intended to say here” somewhere in the middle.
We mix our core beliefs and values, like “unprovoked aggression is bad” or “decoupling of concerns is good,” with the particular system of thinking which holds them currently, without noticing when it limits the ways we can look at the problem: “unprovoked aggression is bad, and there can’t be any serious war, it is just some dirty politics and news hype,” or “decoupling is good, and we should put every thing in either model, view, or controller.”