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5 months ago
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I sometimes use the nonsensical word hullaballa for bogus input or output in testing, like username, passwords, log messages etc.

Watching The Doors movie from 1991 (oh, the agony – oh, the hairdo!) I saw there was a music magazine called Hullabaloo, later renamed to Circus.

It does not seem to be the first magazine with this name; there is an article from a 1931(!) issue of Time Magazine stating:

When the incredible magazine which is now Ballyhoo was in preparation. Publisher George T. Delacorte Jr. wondered what to call it. He and Editor Norman Hume Anthony favored Hullabaloo for a title but were afraid it might infringe on the rights of Cartoonist Peter Arno whose book of last year bore that name.

I have no memory where I (mis)took hullaballa from; according to Merriam-Webster hullabaloo is a loud, continued noise or mixture of noises –  synonymous to ballyhoo.