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4 months ago
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Software Is Beating The World (via densediscovery.com).

Whatever Andreessen and his ilk are, they are not “optimists.” These are not people fighting to make the world better, or smaller, or more connected. Their war is one where software poisons and monetizes every corner of society, with the costs flowing back to rich and powerful people that can, in turn, add even more tolls to your everyday life. Their influence has turned the tech industry away from making software that deepens the human experience; that empowers us and enriches us through streamlining annoyances, forges connections and makes our lives fundamentally better.

Those that fight for the growth-at-all-costs cause are anti-innovation, anti-labor and anti-creativity. They see ChatGPT and Midjourney as ample replacements for writers and artists because they fundamentally lack any creative energy, existing as joyless vessels hoarding more capital and attention in the hopes it makes them forget that they’ve fundamentally created nothing.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that some venture capitalists worship a machine that can create soulless facsimiles of other people’s ideas. It’s how they built billion-dollar empires without ever having any ideas of their own.