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2 months ago
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What I learned at lange Nacht der Forschung 2024:

  • There are jumping genes! (Great band name, btw.)
  • Our memories are totally flawed (they just want to do good, so be kind.)
  • The research at the Central European University is very impressive, the students are avid presenters and passionate about their topic
  • The chapters Dirk Stermann read from his recent book are… weird? 
  • The contrast agency I got for an MRI scan that day was not radioactive (anymore)
  • UNO City is even cooler at night
  • I can script my own schedule from the very simple Merkzettel in 40 minutes: lange-nacht-der-forschung (application/pdf, 163 KB)

Relevant: Barbara McClintock – A Feeling for the Organism.