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17 years ago
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some promotion for what it's worth.

the latest brandeins issue has a lot of interesting topics, almost one for everybody: e.g. it history for tiny, revelations of the music industry for mkt and confessions of a former greenpeace activist for my mother.

and because the best things in life are free, all articles are available online. stunning.

but wait: this is a business magazine, no matter how daring its attitude and appearance might be. this issue's main focus is phrased "ecology – economy", and the biggest portion of articles wants to show a way how capitalism can correct the big ecological damages that were caused in the last twenty years, and we will be coping with in the next twenty.

(in fact, the overall tone is that these damages are not that big, anyway.)

well, approved. we need ways out of the ecological crisis just like we need ways out of any other one that's currently on our schedule (quite many, imho). certainly, everyone can help.

however, the idea to trust the originators, them of all people, to heal the earthen wounds they recently stroke so moral-elastically (and still do) sounds a little bit awkward to me.

but go ahead, you green managers and joint (ad)venturers, prove yourselves that you and your businesses are able to change, and that greed isn't the origin of your judas syndrome.