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21 years ago
p3k dots

friendly fascism.

after talking all that moore, i've finally seen "bowling for columbine", like it very much.

it takes a guy like moore, appearing as the prototype of european prejudices against white american male, to expose the existential orientation of this nation.

obviously, it's high time for another roosevelt. and probably the only mistake in michael moore's movie is that it might leave you drenched in fear of the us of a, its right-wing politicians, greedy business-men and fanatic christians. most (if not all of them) being stupid white men.

btw. europeans certainly are on the same path down the spiral of conservative extremism, germany is already coated with angst and virtual depression. problems are immenent, but they can be solved unless they let stoiber et al. continue with terrorizing politics and still allow smirking journalists to blow their apocalyptic horns of hysteria and hipocrisy.