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13 years ago
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KIDDofSPEED: GHOST TOWN – Elena's Motorcyle Ride through Chernobyl (via gozmoz).

what a nightmare. how can this be real? these lost places with all the references, the apocalyptic wormwood, the prometheus statue? who could imagine a more fictitious story?

katatonik, 5/3/04 8:06 PM
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have you seen n. geyrhalter's film "pripyat"? a documentary about a village inside the forbidden zone and the old people who insist on staying there.

p3k, 5/4/04 9:15 AM
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no, i haven't. but thanks for the hint. i will start with a central european review interview with geyrhalter.

stefanl, 5/5/04 1:28 PM
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4000+ concurrent users, vow!

p3k, 5/5/04 2:01 PM
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names and numbers...

katatonik, 5/5/04 10:11 PM
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by the way, one of the many doubts I've heard expressed about the authenticity of the tchernobyl-rides is that she never mentions the second person (who must have been there because she herself is on some pics). personally, if i may be permitted to nag around, i find this is a lost photo op (lost in many ways).

p3k, 5/6/04 11:01 AM
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speak up, drums! tell the real story! (start here.)

katatonik, 5/6/04 9:11 PM
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oder da, unlängst ameisenhügelwärts.

gozmoz, 5/10/04 7:07 AM
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oh, what a thread - sure, from what i got to know the authenticity might be doubtet.

i found that wikipedia entry, so i assumed the community would have it removed, if there was anything to question. moreover, there is another pripyat site with similar pictures (eg the prometheus).

however, there is still a vast deserted area around pripyat and i am attracted to gothic photos. shopped or not.

p3k, 5/10/04 12:39 PM
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in some ways i trust the net in a way that fakes will be revealed as such in a quantity that is statistically relevant as well as a quality which gives insight and arguments, not only generic scepticisms. thus, this story remains as authentic as it is, yet.

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