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15 years ago
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"it’s perhaps a bit surprising that it was a Republican administration that forced this expansion of state powers. Not that the GOP was ever seen as a particular champion of civil liberties, but strengthening the federal state, or for that matter any central state power, runs counter to a key conservative paradigm, namely that of the minimal state/small government. In fact, 'Leviathan' and 'Leviathan state' have long been pejorative buzzwords used by the Right. In their terminology they are equivalent to 'big government' or 'welfare state' (by some libertarians also called the 'welfare-warfare state')." – richard brem: american leviathan.

nice to see that the simple frame concept which was developed by christine zmölnig and me in 1998 and since then has proved itself at the beautiful hedy lamarr website is still state of the art (though, technically revised and even more though, today i would strictly avoid frames).

and obviously, the tense master mind behind both sites remains self-absorbed with well-written texts on another everlasting topic from that time: peter f. drucker.