Outbound Link Summary:
21 years ago
p3k dots

after coming back from quite an exhausting outdoor training (where i did only some of these activities) i left vienna again on sunday heading for brno to take a look at the exhibits of the 19th international biennale of graphic design. with klaus behind the wheel and verena as an graphics expert we were an unbeatable team and enjoyed the mostly very beautiful exhibition. although the czech people teased us a little bit with their friendly but resolute manners (no credit cards, no pictures, no prolongation). besides prints and layouts from all around the world (far too many to look at completely in a few hours) very fine typography by josef týfa was shown. it is still a long way from the actual awkward screen design fumblings towards modern web aesthetics adapting, transferring and extending the expertise and beauty of traditional graphics and typography.

some pointers: kim soojeong's dots, wiener journal, hundred design inc., the smile project, home of the gesture. "work from holland" compilation: bezet, studio dumbar, dept amsterdam, crazy goals, van drimmelen, experimental jetset, lust (portfolio), letterror, robofog, design politie, die twee, nachtwinkel, max kismann.

"i found a colony of pixels in my backyard. instead of exterminating them, i keep them in a box and train them to do tricks like these." – letterror