Outbound Link Summary:
17 years ago
p3k dots

fasten your seat-belts, please.

it was a recent, a tiny link at langreiter.com, that redefined an impersonator of greek mythology to what should become the new way of creating web applications.

it combines the usual suspects of xhtml, css, dom and javascript with some more wicked technology like xml/xslt and a browser extension that is able to make http requests from within a document (ie. without reloading the page).

it's called ajax and for sure this is an interesting concept, although i agree with chris that the xml/xslt part is rather dodgy.

anyway, besides the big players like google, robert gaggl has been doing it exactly this way already for quite some time (and still does not need a groovy project name).

for my own part (as few might remember) i recently experimented with a similar approach and called the result kurt.

well, that means: it has been called kurt for the longest time, so if you don't mind to clap your hands a little while i raise the curtain for...

chopper, the helmulator.

this time you can try it yourselves: it certainly cannot do everything that's possible inside the helmothership (a lot of methods are missing and there's e.g. no xml-rpc, not to mention database connectivity) but i think it already goes pretty far and proves the concept.

just enter some code into the left textarea, try some global methods, create a hopobject or two and render a skin with these... it should work easily by pressing the "evaluate" button, just as the "example" button pastes in some code that should demonstrate chopper's capabilities in a simple but striking way.

sidenote: if the ajax people really believed in success they probably should have chosen a less heroic as well as shameful representant. in fact, all heroes end tragically.