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19 years ago
p3k dots

a guy called harald obviously is the new self-proclaimed technical officer publishing podcasts "on behalf" of fm4.

(why the heck people believe fm4 would publish their official podcasts at such a strange location is a good question i deliberately do not want to discuss any further...)

actually, that's another big problem with this podcasting thang; and, probably even worse, with rss generally.

in xml syndication world, you don't even need to fake corporate design or the image of the company you want to fool around with.

especially in this case, the podcast appears to be authorized by fm4 (it contains an appropriate copyright entry, links to the fm4 site, and no hint that someone else has created it).

thus, everyone out there will believe it's fm4 who published the podcast although it wasN't. and not surprisingly it's already in the austrian podcast top ten – which is quite cool but has A big flaw:

currently, mr harald is playing and fm4 is paying (ie. the bandwidth problem in perversion). but it's just a matter of time, taste or audacity that someone like mr harald adds some fake (audio) content to the fake meta data.

summary: block your mp3s you don't want to be delievered as podcast in itms simply by case-insensitively checking the user agent for the string "itunes".