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17 years ago
p3k dots

whoa! rhinola rocks! – at least if you have a reliable and up-to-date operating system at hand that lets you easily install ant or the necessary apxs libraries or even more sophisticated stuff like the latest gnu compiler collection in a snap.

furthermore, either some expertise or intuition on how to fix a Makefile is inevitable: i got an "apxs:Error no config variable PREFIX" on make install and thus, simply removed the corresponding -S argument in modgjc/src/Makefile (l. 626).

after that, everything compiled and installed smoothly, and both, modgcj test as well as rhinola's hello world example worked fine.

now i am really curious where this thang will develop to... how performant is it in comparison to helma? will missing helma features be added (as javascript libs) and the result lead to helma version 2.0? or will it become the basis for a more client-focused rails-like re-incarnation? by all means exciting times for server-side javascript.