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14 years ago
p3k dots

am schlump.

picture this. you gotta watch out for the guy in the middle. he just came back from the states not only being invited to most of the important developer camps (whether foo or bar i possibly have forgotten) but also having lunch with apple and google folks.

he met ray kurzweil in near-singularity state between two doses of his life-prolonging stimulacra and in the usual mood for over-dramatization of what should be, probably never will and apparently isn't.

he also met bruno haid of system one which is a company with a product you are still excitingly waiting for.

here, in the picture taken at the weblog panel, he is telling the help-seeking attendees of jonet-tag 2005 that they do not (that is N-O-T) reserve the right to publish and only maybe the right to be journalists.

obviously, that was not so clear and almost everyone still confuses publishing with journalism which causes all the uproar between bloggers and non-bloggers (but in the end everything is a blog, anyway).

spreeblick-johnny was there, too, almost at every panel it seemed, ubiquitous, talking forever, on and on. there must be a lack of bloggers who speak german and get to the point. strange enough, i know at least a dozen more.

instead, there are too many journalists who remain silent when they should ask some questions because they still don't know to tell apart the wiki from the blog or rss from podcasting. or is there no asking involved when doing research?

and why the heck are blogs still such a big topic, anyway? you are so jonet-tag 2003, baby! – which has its nice side, too, because again the whole jonet-team did a fantastic job organising the more than 400 people. congrats!

thus, at the warming-up party i was in good company with jochen, praschl and knoke and instead of the desired chat with meg hourihan (who married the other blogger celebrity and went to asia for honeymoon) i had a small-talk with gaby darbyshire of gawker fame. because i did not have a clue what gawker is about at all, i don't mind her fleeing my ignorance politely excusing for needing to take a seat.

i am getting too whimsical for this blogging business, lately.

but nothing could have besmirched my trip to hamburg; even not that everlasting dry cough or my favourite clothing store's disappearance from marktstraße.

i felt pretty enthusiastic nightclubbing from golden pudel to beat to klick club with the beloved one and the friends, old and new.

– and the hookers called me schnuckiputzi (which i almost find a bit too sassy).