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17 years ago
p3k dots

in wonderful accordance with most uber-scripters also simon willison recommends dojo, mochikit, prototype and the yahoo! ui library as the big four client-side javascript libraries. (via langreiter.)

besides some very interesting remarks about leaky abstractions there's a user comment that complains about ignoring jquery; which is justified partly (in regard of jquery being really usable at a very basic level), but on the other hand it simply doesn't fit looking at the source code (which is geeky stuff).

however, i am delighted by jquery's features (counting less than those of each of the big four) and its interface (except the ugly $ method, again).

it currently would be my favorite library when thinking about finally writing client-side code for some of my private projects like parss et al.

btw. there's little talk about speed and performance of each of those libraries. i think that's pretty amazing because it should matter a lot how fast the average user will experience all that nifty javascript stuff in her browser...

or is it just me being bothered by the sedate behaviour of many web 2.0 sites (just take digg.com as an example)?