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12 years ago
p3k dots

web development with safari?

well, yes indeed! first of all, we need to install simbl before we get and enable safaristand, safaritidy and safarisource... (all via hicksdesign.)

this gives you colored source code, validation warnings, html manipulation, cookie management, information about images, stylesheets, scripts and http headers as well as a bunch of nifty features which actually doesn't belong in the field of web development -- but they are indeed very convenient.

brave os x users then get a nightly build of webkit to enjoy the web inspector (or find that it doesn't work unless safaristand is disabled again).

and if you look very closely you even get a full-blown javascript debugger called drosera that can be attached to such a current webkit version.

unfortunately, on my machine it only paralyzed webkit and munched all of cpu time when loading(?) the javascript files...

but it's wicked, nevertheless -- not just because sometimes firefox's huge memory footprint is simply not acceptable anymore.

firebug lite won't satisfy the blessed firefox user, though.