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13 years ago
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remove back tail result

Did some coding in REBOL again after quite a while. Still an amazing language, and still terrible in a few ways (but only then).

It will be interesting to see what REBOL 3 will bring. Maybe Unicode support, maybe better XML parsing and handling.

Anyway, to disburden my server from quite a load running the index.r scripts of the ever-popular RSS Box Viewer I decided to move the XML parsing to the client.

Which was a pretty tedious task as I had to do that ugly cross-browser testing thing again.

In the end it was worth it: the server load went down a bit, it is now merely caused by proxying and caching the requested URLs.

Well, and Yahoo! denied access from my IP to their RSS output of latest buzz about Jake Gyllenhal or 80's punk fashion - obviously those yodlers have some pretty narrow rules concerning the limit of periodically requesting a URL. D'oh!

Update: Access is granted again.