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8 years ago
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history and hertory.

peter rastl in comment 2/2000: 10 jahre internet in österreich.

robert scheck: top-level-domain .dd.

motzes, 2/21/10 7:50 PM
p3k dots

20 jahre: coming soon to a place near by

stefanl, 2/24/10 9:49 PM
p3k dots

sehr schön, den rastl zu verlinken!

p3k, 3/13/10 3:05 PM
p3k dots

@motzes: oh the rumors ;) – i guess you are talking about netaffair? btw. a lot of male names, so where is the hertory part?

@stefanl: hab ich eh von dir, vor jahren gehört, und schwupp! isses wieder im großhirn.

motz, 3/15/10 9:07 AM
p3k dots

nope. it will be done by those who should do it: the people who made it. 20th anniversary on the 8th of june, 40th anniversary ...
netaffair is still digging for funding.
and the ladies: two of them have been publicly identified already and some more on the list, yet whom are you missing?

p3k, 3/15/10 12:15 PM
p3k dots

oh, i see; which 40th anniversary is celebrated, though?

(so, the eu did not gave any money to netaffair either? blimey!)

i am not missing any lady particularly but rather generally. 50% women it should be, i assume. but who is to blame, anyway?

motz, 3/22/10 10:22 AM
p3k dots

;) frauen sind viel wählerischer als männer.
und zur eu: das verhältnis ist dort heute 1:7 und in manchen bereichen 1:10. bekommt:bekommt nicht.
more than 40 years ago: auf jeden fall european informatics network, wenn du willst: gaps in technology, european tech in slow motion, ptts discovers packet switching, ...

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