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18 years ago
p3k dots

yes, it's true: i can repair mac hard disks! it's a p3k's, p3k's world. but it would be nothing without a stefan rinner or a zita bereuter (thanks a lot for the utilities!)

a propros ant tar task – i would like to reveal the code with that we got it working right as another example because the docs seem to be missing some points about tarfilesets or they are badly implemented in ant 1.3. the following lines create a tar file of a directory including an executable shell script using the perm parameter:

<tar tarfile="myTarFile.tar" basedir="myDirectory" exclude="">
   <tarfileset dir="myDirectory" mode="755">
      <include name="subdir/bootstrap.sh"/>
   <tarfileset dir="myDirectory">
      <include name="
      <exclude name="subdir/bootstrap.sh"/>

some things are looking quite illogical but we desperately tried any possible combination of basedir, dir and include that makes sense without success. at least, this one works...