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10 years ago
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How to link an iCal event to an arbitrary message in Mail app.

Sometimes I want an iCal event to link to an e-mail message in Mac OS X’s Mail application, but not infrequently the message text does not contain a date for easily creating an iCal event. (You know, when the dashed box appears around a date hovered by the mouse cursor...)

So here is what I do to add a link to such a message, anyway:

  1. First, display the message in Mail.app
  2. Choose the Long Headers command from the View/Message submenu
  3. Search for the Message-Id header, then select and copy its value
  4. Create or edit the desired iCal event
  5. In the url field enter message: followed by the copied Message-Id value
  6. Benefit!

As an example, this is what the Message Id header looks like in Mail.app:

Message-Id: <B00B1E51.9711018@p3k.org>

And this is the text that would be entered in the iCal event’s url field: message:<B00B1E51.9711018@p3k.org>