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6 years ago
p3k dots

Thinking out loudly.

Interesting to see what is going on in terms of data visualization in ye olde world of TeX and PostScript, printing and such: TikZ examples.

So they created some layers of abstraction on top of Donald Knuth’s beautiful program and now we can implement similar imagery as some might know from D3 and the like – minus the interactivity of course. For now.

Because since the advent of asm.js, emscripten and wassername there is hardly a thing and your mother not being compiled to JavaScript.

So it might only be a matter of time to see the first incarnations of something like TeXjs or Ghojstscript…

And then there will be direct TeX output to the canvas and/or as scalable vector graphics to the DOM in the browser instead of the cumbersome detour via PDF. And interactivity. Why not.