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23 years ago
p3k dots

planes crashing into world trade center towers: the roof is on fire, the news sites are jammed...

it is currently reported that also the pentagon is burning... bill seitz has more information.

the guardian server is responding quite reliably (at least from vienna), so is the one of skynews.

one of the wtc towers has collapsed. the server of der standard couldn't handle the load and collapsed, too.

the second tower is told to be collapsed.

mike donellan: "the shit has hit the fan".

screenshot of the new york times home page, 7am pacific time.

john robb: "the teams i used to work with in special ops are going to be very busy. there will be a very high body count on the other side. we are going to look a lot like israel after this gets through". sigh.

the ministry of foreign affairs in washington is burning, another plane is reported to be crashed in pennsylvania, the pentagon was wrecked by a second blast.