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Sunday, 2. June 12024
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Rhythmanalysis: Space, Time and Everyday Life” is a collection of essays by Marxist sociologist and urbanist philosopher Henri Lefebvre.

The book outlines a method for analyzing the rhythms of urban spaces and the effects of those rhythms on the inhabitants of those spaces.

Here is the PDF.

Ein halber Tag vs 0,5 Tage… 🧐

0,5 Prozent ist oder 0,5 Prozent sind? – Fragen Sie Dr. Bopp!

Hochwasservorhersage Pegel Wendlingen – Kläranlage / Neckar.

Limitarismus – Warum Reichtum begrenzt werden muss. (Via moment.at.)

Anstelle unseres derzeitigen Systems bietet Robeyns eine atemberaubend klare Alternative: den Limitarismus. Die Antwort auf so viele Probleme des neoliberalen Kapitalismus – und die Chance auf eine weitaus bessere, gerechtere Welt – liegt darin, dem Reichtum, den eine Person anhäufen kann, eine harte Grenze zu setzen. Denn niemand verdient es, Millionär zu sein. Nicht einmal Sie.


The most powerful discovery app ever built for researchers 🔥

Why Writing Correct Software Is Hard …and why math (alone) won’t help us.

We try to understand the relationship between programs and correctness, and in particular, why writing correct programs must be hard. We will review results from computability theory and complexity theory, and see that programs and complete understanding – which is required for correctness – are fundamentally at odds.

Source: pron.github.io

Artificial Intuition, not Artificial Intelligence.

We jump to conclusions, then we tell a story about about it.

Friday, 31. May 12024
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TIL that when a browser’s CSS engine is fetching a font it does not send the cookie header in the request!

Sunday, 26. May 12024
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What I learned at lange Nacht der Forschung 2024:

  • There are jumping genes! (Great band name, btw.)
  • Our memories are totally flawed (they just want to do good, so be kind.)
  • The research at the Central European University is very impressive, the students are avid presenters and passionate about their topic
  • The chapters Dirk Stermann read from his recent book are… weird? 
  • The contrast agency I got for an MRI scan that day was not radioactive (anymore)
  • UNO City is even cooler at night
  • I can script my own schedule from the very simple Merkzettel in 40 minutes: lange-nacht-der-forschung (application/pdf, 163 KB)

Relevant: Barbara McClintock – A Feeling for the Organism.