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Sunday, 24. October 12021
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And so does Eric Hoel, obviously.

Futurists have their heads in the clouds.

The truth is that most futurists are attracted to speculating about the future for the same reason as science fiction writers: they like geeking out about technological possibilities and the associated metaphysics. That’s how you get a sci-fi book without the plot.

Maybe You Missed It, but the Internet ‘Died’ Five Years Ago

A conspiracy theory spreading online says the whole internet is now fake. It’s ridiculous, but possibly not that ridiculous?

Good Reports: the best online tools and reviews.

Get off Big Tech tools. Use these instead.

The Dreaming

Handcrafted linoprint, featuring a Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) and Tasmanian Warratahs. Intricate details in the tiger's coat.

What if emotions aren’t universal but specific to each culture?

The Universality Thesis appeals to our intuition that, somewhere deep down, we are all the same. Culture adds colour but, in small unguarded moments, our shared humanity leaks out: sadness wells up in the eyes, joy crinkles the lips. Over the past two decades, however, this view has come under attack from a small but growing group of iconoclast researchers.

Some nudge for the cultural pessimist teachers I had.

How To Recognize When Tech Is Leading Us Down a ‘Slippery Slope’.

Does a new technology pose serious dangers — or are we just overreacting? Philosopher Evan Selinger has some ideas on how to tell the two apart.

Coding for non-programmers: Why we need better GUI automation tools.

Now we're back at a place where I see people often wasting a ton of time doing exactly the sort of thing computers were supposed to prevent. Endless clicking and dragging, mind-numbing repetition of selecting check-boxes and copy/pasting values in form fields. The ideas present in technology like HyperCard and AppleScript have never been more needed in normal non-technical peoples lives, but there just doesn't seem to be any tooling for it in a browser world. Why?

Source: matduggan.com

The Return of the Unix Shell.

With about half a century of life, the Unix shell is pervasive and entrenched in our computing infrastructure—with recent virtualization and containerization trends only propelling its use. A fresh surge of academic research highlights show potential for tackling long-standing open problems that are central to the shell and enable further progress.

A Prototype Original iPod.

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The Internet of Grift (via densediscovery.com).

No amount of anecdotes about someone making a bajillion dollars on a picture of a donkey’s ass is going to convince me that this is a good thing.