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Saturday, 30. March 12024
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The Price is (NOT!) Right – Repair edition.

We organised this game of "The Price is (NOT!) Right – Repair edition" in Brussels to show policymakers the outrageous and unfair reality of spare part prices. Thankfully, the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO) of the EU Parliament approved new repair rules introducing provisions to tackle the high cost of repair, promoting an open repair ecosystem and banning anti-repair practices.

Relevant: A comprehensive overview of the current repair incentive systems: repair funds and vouchers.

Mental Health in Open Source.

One interesting thing about Open Source is that one is probably never prepared. You might encounter tricky technical problems, or have to keep up with the new technologies, but there are also a bunch of things other than coding that you have to deal with. You have to be your customer support to answer questions; be a designer, a writer to prepare nice documentation; a project manager to keep the project on track; a team leader to onboard new contributors and keep the team motivated; marketing your stuff; speaking at conferences; and so on. Those are the "side-effects" of being an open source developer, many things come to you in a bundle, not only the code.

State of the Terminal.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the problems that terminal based applications have historically had to deal with (and what the modern solutions are) as well as some features that modern terminal emulators support that you may not be aware of.

9 years of Apple text editor solo dev

At some point, I started calling the app Paper because, in pursuit of ultimate minimalism, I’ve reduced the editor to nothing more than a blank rectangle. To top it off, I’ve made the corners 90° instead of the typical rounded ones. Silly? Maybe… But it was my app so I could do whatever I wanted. 😈

Just re/watched all the Futurama seasons – including the (at least for me still) new one from 2022.

Favorite episodes: S03E20, S06E07, S06E08.
Favorite character: Zoidberg.
Favorite word: (the whole) shmagoygle!

This could definitely come in handy at some point…?

Streaming HTML out of order without JavaScript.

tricot on Audiotree Live (Full Session).

Linux Crisis Tools.

When you have an outage caused by a performance issue, you don't want to lose precious time just to install the tools needed to diagnose it. Here is a list of "crisis tools" I recommend installing on your Linux servers by default (if they aren't already), along with the (Ubuntu) package names that they come from.

Fifty Things you can do with a Software Defined Radio 📻

Last week, I went on an adventure through the electromagnetic spectrum!

Source: blinry.org

Chaos Computer Club: Gemischtes Hack als neue Bibel.

Was haben Tassen mit Kaninchen, Feminismus und Urheberrecht gemeinsam? Sie kommen in der dritten Hackbibel vor, die frisch erschienen ist. Der Versuch einer Rezension, die keine ist.