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Friday, 22. September 12023
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Introduction to Creative Coding.

Circles do not exist.

Since roughly the mid 80s all "high quality" print jobs have been done either in PostScript or, nowadays almost exclusively, in PDF. They use the same basic drawing model, which does not have a primitive for circles (or circle arcs). The only primitives they have are straight line segments, rectangles and Bézier curves. None of these can be used to express a circle accurately. You can only do an approximation of a circle but it is always slightly eccentric.

EndBASIC is a modern take at implementing an integrated environment that offers instant gratification to the user/learner/programmer.

The environment and the language are intentionally modeled after the experience that computers offered back in the 1980s—but don’t assume that those interfaces were too limiting: simplicity is powerful.

Source: endbasic.dev

I ran from Iran.

Die katastrophale Menschenrechtslage im Iran hat viele Menschen gezwungen, ihre Heimat zu verlassen. Einige von ihnen haben uns ihre Geschichte erzählt.

Source: amnesty.at

TrustedHousesitters – Discover free & unique homestays around the world, in exchange for caring for adorable pets.

Eternal Terminal – Remote terminal for the busy and impatient.

Eternal Terminal (ET) is a remote shell that automatically reconnects without interrupting the session.

Junge Witwen trauern anders – ein Online-Buch übers Trauern.

Internet Playgrounds..

That is the power of play. You begin by messing around, set in motion by curiosity and irreverence, then, by degrees of unawareness, you're suddenly in a loose, supersensory state so beyond ordinary life, poking where you don't usually think to, running into boundaries, then, wanting more fun – you create anew. A total accident. Tinkering leads to pondering and questioning, leads to creation.

Death by a thousand microservices.

Ultimately, when faced with the need to travel from New York to Philadelphia, you have two options. You can either attempt to construct a highly intricate spaceship for an orbital descent to your destination, or you can simply purchase an Amtrak train ticket for a 90-minute ride. That is the problem at hand.

From the “the other 6-year old music producer” dept.

Well, here it is. My first album. I know that I'm only 6 but that does not matter. It really only started when I was thinking of the first song's chorus while running across the rough concrete of the grade 1 yard. And then it turned into an everyday project. And then I finished it. And then everybody in my family started listening to it. And then my mom's friends started listening to it. A lot of "and thens", I know. But here it is, and you can listen to it now.