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Saturday, 25. November 12023
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A list of one-liners showing the genius that is Steven Wright:

I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.

70 Car Demolition Derby Knockout Tournament!

Hot Wheels Treadmill Race Cars.

Antifeministische Behauptungen erkennen und widerlegen.

Die Engobe (auch als Begussmasse oder Angussmasse bezeichnet) ist ein Oberbegriff für eine dünnflüssige Tonmineralmasse, die zur Einfärbung oder Beschichtung keramischer Produkte dient.

Dabei kann es sich um Schlicker (franz. Barbotine) handeln, es werden jedoch auch Mischformen zwischen Schlicker und Glasur oder Überzugsmassen ohne Schlicker als Engoben bezeichnet. Engoben bilden anders als Glasuren keine Schutzschicht für das keramische Produkt.

Money donating instead of virtue signalling.

Privacy is Priceless, but Signal is Expensive.

We estimate that by 2025, Signal will require approximately $50 million dollars a year to operate—and this is very lean compared to other popular messaging apps that don’t respect your privacy.

Dying for beginners.

A palliative care specialist makes a gentle yet powerful case for discussing and understanding how death usually unfolds

Relevant: “Every so often something happens, a family member or friend dies, and that makes the confusion come front and center. And once in a lifetime someone as close as a father dies, and that floors you. You get knocked down, and as you come back up, you're not the same person you were before. The mystery of life and the question of existence after life, they're always there, but they loom much larger after a loss.” Dave Winer

Friday, 24. November 12023
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Going cashless is a bad idea, but it’s not a conspiracy.

(…) imagine a million blindfolded people tied together, trying to find a direction to walk. They collectively form a system, but its interdependence is so complex that it’s almost impossible for people to coordinate. This means they default to some lowest common denominator, vaguely stumbling in a direction without knowing why. This resembles how our global economic system works.
There was a time when the automobile industry seemed ascendant, and bikes were pushed off the roads, but we built a cultural movement to demand bicycle lanes. That’s why we should see cash as being like the public bicycle of payments, and support efforts across the political spectrum to protect and promote it.

The letter I in AI stands for Illusion.

Auf lock.

Akademics – Die Wissenschaftscomics der österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften.

Source: oeaw.ac.at
Thursday, 23. November 12023
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Dataviz is still beautiful!

Retries – An interactive study of common retry methods.

Visually explore different methods of retrying requests to learn why some methods are dangerous and what the best practice is.