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Saturday, 21. May 12016
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Most people welcome refugees.

What Does the World Really Think About Refugees?

“Tell your child that if your parents had named you Zambor Dweemoflux you might very well have become a billionaire too, but the fact of the matter is you’re stuck with Jim or Linda or Steve and a normal surname. This is a good opportunity to inform them that life isn’t always ‘fair’ and not everyone gets a circus name like Elon Musk or Sepp Blatter that simply lends itself to being crazy wealthy.

“It seems like the concept of the biological clock has been with us forever. In fact, the metaphor was invented in the late 1970s. And it has been used to reinforce sexist ideas ever since.”

Friday, 20. May 12016
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Stop collecting clownfish from the reef!

What the fscking people really learnt from Finding Nemo.

“Australian researchers say that after the first Nemo movie, populations of the brightly-colored orange clownfish on the Great Barrier Reef significantly declined. People were taking them (…) Now they're worried that the same thing will happen to the blue tang fish when ‘Finding Dory’ comes out.”

Thursday, 19. May 12016
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The English love that pink, don’t they!

Color names in English and Chinese.

Is Anything Worth Maximizing?

How metrics shape markets, how we’re doing them wrong, and how we could do them right.

Reflow, reflow, reflow…

Our best practices are killing mobile web performance.

Tough and eco-friendly.

Scientists Just Engineered Transparent Wood.


Centering in CSS is a pain in the ass. This is a code generator that consolidates them and gives you the code you need for each situation.

Where did we go wrong, Peter Norvig? Why didn't Common Lisp fix the world?

“Lisp is so powerful that problems which are technical issues in other programming languages are social issues in Lisp.” (Via @walterra.)

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