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Wednesday, 24. June 12020
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Lateral thinking is classic pseudoscience, derivative and untested.

Given that the lateral thinking movement has had almost 50 years to put its evidential house in order, to test whether its mental tricks are any more effective than, say, a short nap or concentrated effort, it’s surely time to put it back in the box and file it under what (H.L., ed.) Mencken would have baldly called flim-flam.


Slingcode is a personal computing platform in a single html file.

Remember tiddlywiki.com?

Sick of the onslaught of online imagery? These websites place emphasis on typography.

It’s time to act.

The Alphabettes community is, at its heart, political. We are a global network of women, connected together by our love of letters, type, and typography. Our objective is to champion anyone who identifies as a woman in type, provide a platform for them to show and share their work, and welcome them to a community that will not ignore their voice, but amplify it.

Server-side rendering, dreamweaving, personal blogging!

The Return of the 90s Web.

In big cultural concepts like music or fashion, things have a way of coming around full circle. I'm pretty sure someday grunge will come back as a hot new sample, and at some point our kids might think frosted hair tips are totally cool.

How to Fold a Julia Fractal (via conceptviz.github.io).

Source: acko.net

The dark tri tetrad.

Why People Become Internet Trolls.

Relevant: Ever taken pleasure in another’s pain? That’s ‘everyday sadism’.

Discovering Dennis Ritchie’s Lost Dissertation.

Until recently, across a half-century perhaps fewer than a dozen people had ever had the opportunity to read Dennis Ritchie’s dissertation—the intellectual and biographical fork-in-the-road separating an academic career in computer science from the one at Bell Labs leading to C and Unix. Why?

Sunday, 21. June 12020
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Where are the black designers?

You're Almost Entirely Blind.

What if I told you that you’re almost completely blind? That which you perceive as darkness is you missing 99% of available information. In this issue, I look at ways we can reduce that loss.