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Friday, 20. March 12020
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The Wealth of Networks – How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom (PDF).

Pocari Sweat.

“Pocari” was merely chosen for the word’s cute, peppy sound (it means nothing) and “sweat” for its purpose of replenishing the water and electrolytes lost to perspiration.

Open source alternatives to Grammarly for word processing.

Relevant: Open-source alternatives.

Umarell is a term popular in Bologna referring specifically to men of retirement age who pass the time watching construction sites, especially roadworks – stereotypically with hands clasped behind their back and offering unwanted advice. (Via reddit.com.)

Covid-19 round-up.

Another unholy cult of personality died. For good.

Groupthink and Other Painful Reflections on ​Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth.

(…) coercing Fanni Tutti into unprotected sex, resulting in an unwanted pregnancy; pressuring her to join orgies orchestrated by P-Orridge; wielding a knife, and repeatedly beating her during attempts to end their relationship; and most horrifically, nearly murdering her by hurling a cinder block that narrowly missed her head while she sunbathed. Other sundry episodes of casual brutality and calculated subjugation are also named, such as smashing her typewriters, hurling pet cats against walls, and clandestinely opening and replying to her fan mail.

Guess my word.

I'm thinking of an English word. Make guesses below and I'll tell you if my word is alphabetically before or after your guess.

Hypocognition is a censorship tool that mutes what we can feel.

Before I knew what phubbing was, I didn’t have the guts – or the word – to call out my friend for phubbing me (snubbing me for her phone) in the middle of a conversation. And now… I still don’t – not when I myself can barely resist the urge of being figital (excessively checking one’s digital device) and curb my own performative busyness.

Thursday, 19. March 12020
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Hunting humans: A future for tourism in 2200.

This papers aims to provide a provocative account of the ‘potential future meaning of tourism’, through the application of current knowledge, and significantly, it is our relationship with death and violence that are central, death and violence are becoming diluted and thus, will be a source of future entertainment and a tourism activity – in less humans can reach a level of transcendence that has never been present, to transcend the culture they have created, one that has always witnessed violence as a means to survival.

Does the quoted sentence even make sense at all?

Tired: Seti@home Wired: Folding@home

By downloading the Folding@home software you are supplying us with the computer power we need to find new cures.