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Sunday, 7. August 12022
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'Pataphysics (French: 'pataphysique) is a "philosophy" of science (…) intended to be a parody of science.

There are over one hundred definitions of 'pataphysics.

To anyone who says "it's just summer"... here's NASA's climate spiral 👇

„Männer als Beschützer, Frauen als Beschützte“ – Der Krieg als Herausforderung für den ukrainischen Feminismus.

Russlands Angriffskrieg gegen die Ukraine stellt die auch Geschlechtsverhältnisse auf die Probe. Werden Geschlechterrollen aufgebrochen, weil viele Frauen und Queere als Soldat:innen an die Front gehen – oder überwiegen nach wie vor traditionelle Frauenbilder und die Vorurteile gegenüber LGBTQ+-Menschen?

UNUM institute. Ganzheitliches Trauma- und Schmerz-Kompetenzzentrum.

Ancient Greek sculptures were colourful. Why does the white marble ideal persist?

100 Records That Set The World On Fire (while no one was listening).

Tired of being reminded by other magazines that the best albums in the world were made by The Beatles, Beach Boys and Rolling Stones? So is The Wire magazine. They polled their writers to come up with a guide to 100 records that should have ignited the world's imagination, except that everyone else was fiddling...

Wet-bulb temperature.

A sustained wet-bulb temperature exceeding 35 °C (95 °F) is likely to be fatal even to fit and healthy people, unclothed in the shade next to a fan; at this temperature human bodies switch from shedding heat to the environment, to gaining heat from it.

Vagina Museum.

We remain forever obsessed with this image of a woman terrifying the devil himself with her pussy but did you know there's context? Who wants to hear the context for why the devil is so frightened by a vulva?


Rooster DAO.

Rooster Dao is an investment fund managed as a Dao, that focusses solely on investments in the Dotsama ecosystem. The Dao is designed to incentivise heavily participation in the DAO.

Peterbutter and Jeannie.

Every episode Jeannie Ceglar and Peter Graff serve you 100% improvised movie spoofs made up on the spot!