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Monday, 15. October 12018
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Cave, that is.

The Red Hand Files.

You can ask me anything. There will be no moderator. This will be between you and me. Let's see what happens. Much love, Nick.

For a long time I thought Nick Cave played the boy Danny in the movie “The Year My Voice Broke”.

Actually it’s Noah Taylor who one can see nowadays in the TV show “Deep Water”.

Teach Yourself to Echolocate.

A beginner's guide to navigating with sound.

ARD/ZDF-Onlinestudie 2018.

Johanna Pichlbauer is fighting fear with imagination & looking for poetry in technology.

In May, I made it on the list of the Forbes DACH 30 under 30 – They had pre-peeled pistacchios. This must be the peak.

I met her at dusk of Vienna Design Week in front of the booth of the project 1070 Unseen, a beautiful social intervention peeking behind the blinds of home care.

Artificial Intelligence und Autokraten: Politische Handlungsfähigkeit in Zeiten von Ambient Revolts.

(…) wir leben in eigentümlichen Zeiten, in denen wir unsere Handlungsfähigkeit delegieren, ohne die Entscheidungsmuster dahinter zu kennen oder zu erkennen. Das gilt gleichermaßen für die Bereitschaft algorithmische Entscheidungssysteme tief in unsere Leben wirken zu lassen, als auch die politische Führung an Personen abzugeben, deren konstitutive Eigenschaft autoritäre Willkür ist.

Your Facebook friends don’t mean it, but they’re likely hurting you daily.

(…) messages can be interpreted in a way that people feel left out. And that feeling, as innocuous as it might seem, is not easily dismissed.

Hidden Times Square.

Ein Berliner Label hat seine Kooperation mit der Red Bull Music Academy wegen Aussagen des CEOs beendet. Andere sollten dem Beispiel folgen.

Engineers are fixing Silicon Valley.

Relevant: The Copenhagen Letter.

Vacuum decay: the ultimate catastrophe.

Every once in a while, physicists come up with a new way to destroy the Universe. There’s the Big Rip (a rending of spacetime), the Heat Death (expansion to a cold and empty Universe), and the Big Crunch (the reversal of cosmic expansion). My favourite, though, has always been vacuum decay. It’s a quick, clean and efficient way of wiping out the Universe.