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Sunday, 5. September 12021
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The Day the Good Internet Died.

For a small slice of time, being online was a thrilling mix of discovery, collaboration, creativity, and chaotic potential. Then Google Reader disappeared.

Man v food: is lab-grown meat really going to solve our nasty agriculture problem?

A world in which the factory-farmed nugget is replaced by the bioreactor-brewed nugget would be a monumental win for animals and the environment. If tied to progressive industrial and agricultural policy, it could also be a win for labour, public investment, land use and champions of sustainable agriculture. No, this would not be a one-shot, magic bullet solution to the many ills of food production; there is no panacea. But it’s a start.

Source: i.guim.co.uk

timefind let’s you find the exact moment that something was added to a website. It quickly flips through Web Archive snapshots using binary search, pinpointing the date of the modification.

Wednesday, 1. September 12021
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Checks out.

IPv4 vs. IPv6 FAQ.

Should I support IPv6 on my server?

You can if you want, but despite what some people will claim, it probably won’t make much difference.

Marvel while it lasts.

Little Big World.

Learning JavaScript Design Patterns.

Decoding AVIF: Deep dive with cats and imgproxy. (Via frontendfoc.us.)

It is time to talk seriously about AVIF, how it is different from predecessors, and how to start using it for web images today with the help of dead-simple and reliable self-hosted image converter from Evil Martians.

canistilluse.com (via blog.jim-nielsen.com).

Do you mean: Idiocity.

The Ideology of Human Supremacy (via densediscovery.com).

The next time you go for a hike in nature, and marvel at its beauty, take a moment to realize that you are looking at a pale, shrunken wraith of what it once was. An accumulation of studies around the world measuring the declines of species and ecosystems indicates that overall we’ve lost around ninety percent of nature’s profusion. We live, Mackinnon observes, in a “ten percent world.” Those of us who gain sustenance from the sacred beauty of nature sometimes like to think of it as a temple. But, as Mackinnon notes, “a greater truth should be foremost in mind: Nature is not a temple, but a ruin. A beautiful ruin, but a ruin all the same.”

The mythical year experience.

Logins are Hard.

do you have 12 years of experience or do you have 12 iterations of 1 year of experience?