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Monday, 19. April 12021
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Juneteenth, June 19, 2021.

Profit Without Oppression Conference.

Every part of our current political, social, and economic systems, institutions, and policies are rooted in oppression. They require domination, theft, dishonesty, discrimination, and the harming of others as fuel to operate AND are designed to discourage, and even crush, any challenge.

Sunday, 11. April 12021
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Coming full circle with full circles.

A website made of text messages (via phasedust.com).

I bet you've got a phone handy right now and — even if you're the last hold-out with a flip phone or a slider — I bet it can text and take pictures. That's all you need to make a really cool, really great website. Old-school, wholesome, nerdy fun at your fingertips: that's what this is about.

Embrace the Grind.

The only “trick” is that this preparation seems so boring, so impossibly tedious, that when we see the effect we can’t imagine that anyone would do something so tedious just for this simple effect.

Vaporwave photography?


Via thisiscolossal.com.

The right right thing to do.

Am I happy? Am I generous? Am I contributing to the world? The moral struggle we face is finding a way to honestly and accurately answer ‘Yes’ to all three of these questions at once, over the course of a life that presents us with many obstacles to doing so.

If you can spare some time…

On Git Commit Messages.

The best reason for a good commit message is to help people understand the changes being made.

Sankey Networks of Far-right Radicalization Pathways.

Recently, I was given the chance to explore an online forum where subscribers to a neo-nazi website were sharing the media sources, groups, movements, and thinkers that were responsible for bringing them there. Better yet, participants in this forum were sharing their journeys chronoligically, mapping out for anyone that might be interested, the sources they consumed as their beliefs became more extreme.

Source: marcusmann.net

Is the Secret to Saving Old Websites Simplifying Digital Preservation?

(…) I’m left to wonder if the problem is that the motivations for maintaining sites built around user-generated content simply do not favor preservation, and never will without outside influence.

From my own experience I can tell that even public national archives get much too little funding for preservation of digital artifacts.

We can do better than sociopathic business as usual.

(…) research found that the career with the highest proportion of psychopaths was… wait for it… not banker, not politician, not dentist… but CEO. Yikes!

Friday, 9. April 12021
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Could someone do this for European countries, please?

The Markup Ran Tests on Every State’s COVID-19 Vaccine Website (via frontendfoc.us).

The results, measuring accessibility and privacy protections, were not always great.