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Wednesday, 22. December 12021
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The Web3 Fraud.

(…) the cryptocurrency space, at heart, is simply a giant ponzi scheme where the only way early participants make money is if there are further suckers entering the space. The only “utility” for a cryptocurrency (outside criminal transactions and financial frauds) is what someone else will pay for it and anything to pretend a possible real-word utility exists to help find new suckers.

What If Phones Were Actually Designed for Hands ?

Think about seatbelts again for a moment: That it took so long to get the buying public to accept them — they were poorly-selling add-on features for many years while road fatalities only increased — is indicative of our tendency to take a hindsight position on technological evaluation and an additive approach to optimization. Somehow, we didn’t anticipate that we’d need protection while moving in machines far faster and heavier than horses — OK, an interesting miss at best — but when we finally acknowledged the obvious dangers, our solution was a minimally-viable one: straps and buckles, not slower or softer machines. Similarly, things like cases and back-mounted grips describe the culture of phones better than the phones themselves.

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Friday, 17. December 12021
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100 years of whatever this will be (via steadyhq.com).

The job of regulation is to stop distributed systems from going awry. Because distributed systems always go awry.

A woman was sexually harassed on Meta’s VR social media platform.

The metaverse has a groping problem already (via steadyhq.com).

“Generally speaking, when companies address online abuse, their solution is to outsource it to the user and say, ‘Here, we give you the power to take care of yourselves.’”

And that is unfair and doesn’t work.

ambiguous-png-packer: Craft PNG files that appear completely different in Apple software.

If you're viewing this via Apple software (e.g. Safari) you should see an image of a mac, and on other non-Apple software, you should see an IBM PC.

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Thursday, 16. December 12021
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The Dark History of Hawaiʻi’s Iconic Hand Gesture.

One day, Kalili’s hand got caught in the rollers and he ended up losing his three middle fingers. The company, the Kahuku Sugar Mill, gave him a new job as a security guard; every time he waved, he’d make what’s now known as the shaka hand. From there, local children mimicked and spread the gesture.

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Die verschissene Zeit.

In „Die verschissene Zeit“ versuchen drei Teenager aus einer Zeitschleife auszubrechen, die sie im Belgrad der Neunziger Jahre gefangen hält. Das neue Buch der serbisch-österreichischen Autorin Barbi Marković ist eine wilde Mischung aus Abenteuerroman, Science-Fiction-Geschichte und Coming-of-Age-Story mit Krimielementen.

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The Neglected Afterlife of the Great Georges Braque.

If this were a Picasso show, half the world would have been made to sit up and notice by some well-greased publicity machine.

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Good News.

Stories of progress from around the world.


The Secrets of Monkey Island's Source Code.

Unused art, deleted scenes and more secrets revealed!

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