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Wednesday, 27. April 12016
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The European ministries of immigration and integration are slowly becoming one hell of a perversion.

Sylvi Listhaug traveled to the Mediterranean and jumped into the water to experience what it was like to be a migrant (…) which already sounds stupid and then you see what she was wearing.”

Dividing by zero on a mechanical calculator (via

Tuesday, 26. April 12016
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How Big Data Creates False Confidence.

For those who like to click.

Bubble lets you build apps without code, visually.

“Es gibt eine Usance, das die Bundesregierung nach der Angelobung des Bundespräsidenten sogleich den Rücktritt anbietet, der Präsident diesen aber ablehnt. Die Bundesregierung wird das auch im Fall einer Wahl von Norbert Hofer tun, obwohl sie dazu nicht rechtlich verpflichtet ist; andernfalls wäre das Verhältnis zum Bundespräsidenten von allem Anfang an vergiftet. Für Herrn Hofer könnte das allerdings eine Versuchung sein, den geschilderten Mechanismus in der Tat in Gang zu setzen: den Rücktritt annehmen und ein zu diesem Zweck gebildetes neues Kabinett die Auflösung des Nationalrats beantragen lassen. Im Gefolge seines Wahlsiegs könnte er durchaus damit rechnen, dass seine Partei auch diese Wahl (mit einer relativen Mehrheit ) gewinnen und die stärkste Partei im Nationalrat sein wird. Ich halte das nicht für wahrscheinlich, aber auch nicht für ausgeschlossen.”
Theo Öhlinger, emeritierter Professor für öffentliches Recht. is an open source pastebin with runnable snippets and API and already supports more than 25 different programming languages.

Monday, 25. April 12016
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Dark Content.

The Secret Rules of the Internet

The murky history of moderation, and how it’s shaping the future of free speech.

“(…) companies dump child abuse and pornography, crush porn, animal cruelty, acts of terror, and executions — images so extreme those paid to view them won’t even describe them in words to their loved ones — onto people desperate for work. And there they sit in crowded rooms at call centers, or alone, working off-site behind their screens and facing cyber-reality, as it is being created. Meanwhile, each new startup begins the process, essentially, all over again.”

“a secret army of workers employed to soak up the worst of humanity in order to protect the rest of us.”

“Members of the team quickly showed signs of stress — anxiety, drinking, trouble sleeping — and eventually managers brought in a therapist. As moderators described the images they saw each day, the therapist fell silent. The therapist (…) was ‘quite literally scared.’"

Saturday, 23. April 12016
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It is of course Frankie. And Frankie only.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Rage Hard ⊕ 12" (1986).

I remember how I heard this mix the first time in the 8Ts at night during a long-gone German radio show fully playing the latest 12" mixes. I was psyched.

I just found out that later this mix also became known as the “young person’s guide to the 12 inch”. Rad, because that’s exactly what it is.

Deutsch’s Scale Illusion.

How the orchestra is arranged by the biology of the brain.

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