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Tuesday, 7. August 12018
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The Web is Made of Edge Cases.

What Elon Musk Should Learn From the Thailand Cave Rescue.

Silicon Valley moguls seem to believe they can fix most anything, and they appear befuddled when their attempts to do so aren’t met with unbridled enthusiasm.

Saturday, 4. August 12018
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Goddesses of antiquity offer Moses a path away from patriarchy – via funk and soul.

(…) Nina Paley wonders whether the events of Exodus might represent a disaster rather than a triumph: The episode marks a pivot away from ‘humankind’s original deity’ Mother Earth, towards ‘agriculture, and its attendant sins of property, hierarchy and slavery’.

Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change.

We knew everything we needed to know, and nothing stood in our way. Nothing, that is, except ourselves. A tragedy in two acts.

A Look at Apple's Trillion-Dollar World.

Source: bloomberg.com

Is neuroscience getting closer to explaining evil behaviour?

With Syndrome E, Fried identified a cluster of 10 neuropsychological symptoms that are often present when evil acts are committed – when, as he puts it, ‘groups of previously nonviolent individuals’ turn ‘into repetitive killers of defenceless members of society’.

Cranes mate for life. This one chose a human — and that’s where the story gets complicated.

A rare, white-naped crane (rumored to have killed two potential suitors) had struggled to produce chicks. Then she fell in love with her keeper.

The Battle of Vienna was not a fight between cross and crescent.

John III Sobieski (1629-96), the king of the multilingual and multi-religious Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, might not have won the battle were it not for the help of his country’s Sunni Muslim Tatars, known as the Lipka Tatars.

Wednesday, 1. August 12018
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The commas that cost companies millions.

“The Parties have a right to, and should, promote sustainable development.”

— vs —

“The Parties have a right to, and should promote, sustainable development.”

Some countries weren’t happy with the original wording because they didn’t necessarily want to be locked into promoting sustainable development. Moving the comma kept the naysayers happy while placating those who wanted stronger action.

Little Big City.

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