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Saturday, 18. May 12019
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The greatest con women in herstory.

The Prussian Grifter Who Swindled Her Way to Her Own One-Woman Show.

Bertha Heyman lived a life in and out of jail and on and off the stage.

12 Bilder zeigen, wie Frauen mit Brustkrebs leben.

Wenn der Brustkrebs Metastasen streut: Drei junge Frauen erzählen vom ihrem Leben mit metastasierendem Brustkrebs, von ihren Ängsten und Hoffnungen.

Foxes and hedgefundshogs.

The Peculiar Blindness of Experts (via futurism.com).

One study compiled a decade of annual dollar-to-euro exchange-rate predictions made by 22 international banks: Barclays, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, and others. Each year, every bank predicted the end-of-year exchange rate. The banks missed every single change of direction in the exchange rate. In six of the 10 years, the true exchange rate fell outside the entire range of all 22 bank forecasts.

Enhancements ahead!

Spoiler alert: does knowing how it ends make fiction more fun?

Die Kasseler Liste is a growing database that presently comprises 125,000 data sets. It documents the global scale of censorship. Book bans persist across the world, on all continents, with varying reach and intensity, depending on political and social contexts.

»A Bauchschüssle muschte hawe.«

Vor 100 Jahren schlugen Soldaten und rechtsextreme Freikorps die Münchner Räterepublik nieder. Besonders brutal ging die württembergische Brigade vor. Das zeigt der Mord an Gustav Landauer, dem das Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe nun eine kleine Ausstellung widmet.

Found: Glass Fallout From the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima.

The particles have covered nearby beaches, unnoticed, for nearly 75 years.

Back to Basics: Decentralization and Society.

The web was supposed to be a decentralized and secure tool that would enable us to build a better world. (…) People realised that an easy way to create value on top of this neutral fabric was to build centralised services which gather, trap, and monetise information.

Gesetzgebung in der Blackbox: Wie demokratisch ist die EU?

Wir werden zwar Ende Mai ein neues EU-Parlament wählen. Aber damit entscheiden wir, die Wahlbürger der Union, keineswegs, wer die EU-Kommission führen wird. Darüber bestimmen zuallererst die Regierungschefs der EU-Mitgliedsländer.

The Library of Missing Datasets.

An ongoing physical repository of things that have been excluded in a society where so much is collected.