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Monday, 9. December 12019
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On my hardware watch list: Computer devices by Purism.

Source: puri.sm
Thursday, 5. December 12019
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Keybase and the chaos of crypto.

It doesn’t take a cryptography expert to imagine what would happen when you combine what sounds essentially like “free money”, the confusing internals of cryptocurrency, and a messaging platform where you only have to verify your identity using a cryptocurrency wallet: rampant platform spam and abuse.

Wednesday, 4. December 12019
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Create beautiful flowing art with Silk.

Monday, 2. December 12019
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So there is something not quite right with my current Apache setup and HTTP/2:

Dec  1 15:44:14 zicke kernel: [776008.255216] apache2[13038]: segfault at 1 ip 00007fcb80f95646 sp 00007fcb66767798 error 4 in libc-2.27.so[7fcb80ee4000+1e7000]

This causes strange loading errors with this blog and the others hosted at weblogs.at.

Thus, I disabled HTTP/2 for now until further investigation. It looks similar to this bug report but I am not using the PHP module…

Sunday, 1. December 12019
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Sorry Computer, You're Not a Teapot.

A nice narrative about the more exotic HTTP error messages (y’all know 404) – from the April-fool’s 418 to the recently requested 112, 460 and 451. Also shows how the web evolved from a careless playground for the few to a serious battlefield for the plenty.

Saturday, 30. November 12019
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Is there still a future for CAcert?

Much response from CAcert’s community mailing.

CAcert went through a major crisis in 2016. You may not have noticed it, because of the resilience of our procedures and the dedication and commitment of our teams. Apart from the new focus, a lot has happened in
the operational area in recent months.

Symbolikon – Visual Library of Worldwide Ancient Symbols (via abduzeedo.com).

Source: symbolikon.com

The self in dementia is not lost, and can be reached with care.

In the case of my grandmother, as her Alzheimer’s began to progress, she found herself increasingly agitated and wandering the corridors of the care home in which she now lived. Her agitation was palpable, as was her desire to go ‘home’. She recognised me, not as her granddaughter but as her daughter, and couldn’t understand why I was at her workplace. Acknowledging her background as a midwife, the nursing-home staff enlisted my grandmother’s help on the morning and afternoon tea rounds, creating a meaningful context for her to be in these unfamiliar surroundings and redirecting her agitation into a feeling of purpose.

Logarithmic gaslighting with Buttcoin.

Will Bitcoin be $ 1 million by the end of 2020?

An interactive chart that shows a steady curve to $ 1,000,000 per bitcoin by the end of 2020 along the actual price.

Wie im Pazifik gegen die Folgen des Klimawandels gekämpft wird.

Die Menschen konzentrieren sich sehr stark darauf, sich an die Veränderungen anzupassen – so werden Deiche und Küstenbefestigungen gebaut, die Abfallentsorgung verbessert, Mangrovenwälder angebaut, um die Küstenerosion einzudämmen und der Katastrophenschutz ausgebaut. Letztlich handelt es sich dabei aber nur um kurzzeitige Maßnahmen: Küstenbefestigungen können nur eine bestimmte Zeit halten, denn wenn der Meeresspiegel um 3 Meter steigt, werden die Inseln von Tuvalu und von Kiribati aufhören zu existieren.