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Saturday, 10. September 12022
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What’s a girl to do?

Queen Cristina.

Is the world (finally) ready for the wit and wisdom of new-wave icon Cristina?

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Relevant: Jean-Paul Goude.

The Tantalizing Failures of Irma Vep.

But without Cheung, Irma Vep loses its crucial and revealing portrayal of othering — and how what we desire onscreen is as politicized as anything else. Moreover, it misses out on the opportunity to comment on how overwhelming a force China is in the film world today, enough so that Hollywood productions might cleanly nix LGBTQ+ characters or moments from run times in order to release in the territory.

Der erfundene Winnetou-Shitstorm: Chronologie eines Medienversagens (Datenanalyse).

(…) diesen Shitstorm über das Buch oder den Film gab es nie, ebenso wenig wie Forderungen nach Verboten. Beide sind vielmehr eine Erfindung findiger Journalisten und Populisten, die entweder medieninkompetent sind oder aus politischem Interesse bzw. aus wirtschaftlichem Kalkül hetzen.

Kraus, Polgar oder doch Farkas?


Falschzitate mit Belegen und Kommentaren. Hunderte falsche Zitate, Memes, Kuckuckszitate, Zitaträtsel, apokryphe, problematische und entstellte Zitate, misquotations, misattributed and fake quotes.

Monkey Performance from the movie “The Square”.

Relevant: Künstlerin Lola Arias geht gegen die Satire »The Square« vor.

A Case Study in Not Being A Jerk in Open Source.

Saturday, 3. September 12022
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Thanks, F.

Denthesizer (that’s what I’d call it).

Friday, 26. August 12022
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Anne Heche’s Off-Screen Infamy Never Outshined Her On-Screen Magnetism.

She’s an absolute force of nature, but she was no match for the prejudices of our culture who saw in all of her strengths, weaknesses. She was a fierce survivor who refused to be grateful for the things she had earned; she was a mesmerizing performer who was the perfect choice to play Janet Leigh’s Marion Crane in Gus Van Sant’s Psycho reboot. She was the antidote to Julia Roberts’ emetic likeability and Sandra Bullocks’ everywoman approachability — she didn’t give a particular shit if you liked her or not, so when the culture got the chance to take her down, it took her down hard.

The three-page paper that shook philosophy: Gettiers in software engineering.

Supppose you’re standing in a field and off in the distance you see a cow. But suppose that what you’re actually looking at isn’t a cow, it’s just a convincingly lifelike model of a cow made out of papier-mâché. You’re not seeing a cow, you’re seeing the model. But then finally suppose that right behind the papier-mâché cow is a real cow!

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