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Wednesday, 9. September 12020
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Taking a look at Gerät 32620.

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The Syllabus.

Each week we publish curated syllabi featuring pieces that cut across text, video and audio. The curation runs either along thematic lines – e.g. technology, political economy, arts & culture – or by media type such as Best of Academic Papers, Podcasts, Videos.

Material Zoom – The Hidden Elements of Working from Home Amidst COVID.

Sexkauf ist Arbeit.

Im Oktober 2019 habe ich einen Twitter-Account mit dem Namen „Sexkauf ist Arbeit“ angelegt. Mit diesem Account startete ich eine „Kampagne für die Menschenrechte von Sexkäufer*innen“. Der Titel ist Satire, der Account ein Witz. Mir ist nämlich aufgefallen, dass in der Debatte um Prostitution zumindest auf der Proseite die Freier nur selten erwähnt werden. Dabei werden mit dem derzeit heftig diskutierten Sexkaufverbot die Freier mit Kriminalisierung bedroht und melden sich kaum zu Wort. Dieses Missverhältnis fand ich interessant und wollte da mal nachhaken.

Why GitHub Won't Help You With Hiring.

Followers on GitHub Show Popularity Not Talent.

I want the stickers and decorate as much SUckVs in Vienna as possible.

Brandalism Take Over 100 UK Billboards.

Environmental activist groups from the ‘Brandalism’ network have installed over 100 parody car advert posters on billboards and bus stops in England and Wales. The guerilla artworks featuring brands such as Range Rover, Ford, Volkswagen, BMW, Citroen, Lamborghini and Vauxhall were installed without permission in Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds, London and Exeter.

Relevant: brandalism.ch.

Reminder: Don’t publish on Medium.

An Open Letter to Research & Degrowth.

If the central thesis of degrowth is correct — that economic growth unavoidably drives ecological destruction and GHG emissions — then we have a little more than 9 years to win.

Beats your Sudoku.

Nonograms Katana Online.

The True Cost of Bitcoin.

Just like in our current economic system how a handful of individuals control most of the world's wealth, in the virtual world of Bitcoin, most of the Bitcoin value is held by a handful of individuals as well. We haven't decentralized anything.

Thursday, 3. September 12020
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Wandering the quiet digital halls of Habbo Hotel.

The once-massive social game trundles on.

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