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Tuesday, 23. February 12021
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Draw an iceberg and see how it will float.

Scroll: A new way to publish.

Instead of a page per post, like a blog, a Scroll is a single page, like an old newspaper.

Relevant: Dumbdown – The dumb alternative to markdown.

Source: github.com

Same Energy is a visual search engine.

You can use it to find beautiful art, photography, decoration ideas, or anything else.

Hypernormalisation: A Documentary of a Fake World.

Relevant: The dirty tricks and shady tactics of Adam Curtis.

Interesting alternative IDE.

[BlueJ](www.bluej.org is a development environment that allows you to develop Java programs quickly and easily.

Socialhome allows you to build a rich profile that federates across the federated social web.

Your content will be available to millions of users that you can also follow and interact with their content.

Relevant: fediverse.party.

Sunday, 21. February 12021
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Die schönste Website der Welt.

Urholstein Wochenblatt.

Wednesday, 17. February 12021
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The Power of the Pixel.

(…) the Million Dollar Homepage was a flash in the pan. It was never meant to last, and it had more or less accomplished its expressed purpose of making its owner a bunch of money in just a few months. Its legacy is really that of firsts. First to use ads that way. First to attract that many users that fast. First to see the web through the lens of gimmicks and amusement rather than communication.

Cities Are So Heavy That They’re Sinking Into the Earth.

Cities have built up so much that the city of San Francisco could weigh as much as 1.6 trillion kilograms, enough to literally bend the rocky outermost shell of the Earth, otherwise known as the lithosphere.

What Could Be Better?

In 2015 the multi-billionaire Larry Page published an open letter to the internet euphorically heralding a revised future vision for Alphabet / Google. After outlining numerous ideological benefits the letter ended with Larry asking the entirely rhetorical question: What could be better? The question was answering itself, blindly assuming that indeed NOTHING could be better than Google. What if we answered Larry's question? What if we said This could be better Larry.

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