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Thursday, 18. August 12016
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Journey to HTTP/2.

Optical Adjustment – Logic vs. Designers.

Tuesday, 16. August 12016
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Sunrise, the excellent calendar that was bought by Microsoft just to shut it down, is going offline on 31 August.

Thus, I was looking around for replacements on the various platforms I use (Sunrise was available for all of them) and that could synchronize at least my iCloud and Google calendars (Sunrise even synced Facebook and Gitlab out of the box).

On Android I chose SolCalendar, on Mac I remained with iCal (or what is is called now) and on Linux I decided to give Lightning for Thunderbird another try.

The latter was the hardest part because syncing iCloud calendars is not supported.

Well, of course it is – because Apple actually is using the calDAV protocol. But as usual, there is no official documentation.

Fortunately, I found a resource that – although outdated – gave me the right clues to connect Lightning with iCloud.

Here is what you need:

  1. The URL[dsid]/calendars/[pGuid]
  2. The entry for events?bday=… in the network tab of your browser’s developer console
  3. The value of dsid under the “Query String Parameters” of the “Headers” tab
  4. The value of pGuid in the “Event” array of the “Preview” tab

If you replace the two placeholders, [dsid] and [pGuid], in the URL with their corresponding values you should get something like this:

Now enter this URL as “CalDAV” location into the Lightning dialog for creating a new calendar, and – after the calendar was added – your credentials*, and voilà! you should be able to sync your first** iCloud calendar in Thunderbird.

* Don’t forget to use an app-specific password if you are using 2-step authentication!
** If you should have more than one, keep examining the “Event” array for a different pGuid.

Sunday, 14. August 12016
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What Was Vaporwave? (Via

This short documentary shines a light on the by-definition illusive genre that emerged from tumblr and messages boards around 2010. While hard to define, it's possible to draw a line between artists who were responsible for vaporwave's development over the years.

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Reclaiming the Web.

How To Break Open The Web.

The Internet's designers and a new generation of hackers are unraveling the knots keeping the web from living up to its original promise.

Will Solid and IPFS re-decentralize the Web?

Facebook, Google, eBay, and others own vast swaths of Web activity and have unprecedented power over us, inspiring an effort to re-decentralize the Web.

Self-Driving Cars Will Improve Our Cities. If They Don’t Ruin Them.

If we take action, we can build a dream transportation system around self-driving cars. If we don’t, we’ll create a nightmare.

Relevant: Tough moral questions about self-driving cars posed by the Moral Machine.

Into the darkness of neo-reactionary fascism.

A Mysterious Author Just Wrote a Fascinating History of the Alt-right (PDF).

Meet the worst ants in the world.

Argentine ants have invaded every continent in just one century. Can they be stopped?

Same here.

A massive new study debunks a widespread theory for Donald Trump’s success.

Although Trump voters tend to be the most skeptical about immigration, they are also the least likely to actually encounter an immigrant in their neighborhood.

My feminism will be capitalist, appropriative and bullshit merchandise.

We are supposed to be ashamed of our financial shortcomings. The public discourse around poverty or broke people is one of morality. If you do not make money, you are a moral failure. You don’t work hard enough; you are lazy, something is wrong with you.

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