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Monday, 18. November 12019
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Emilia Dziubak ilustracje.

New Roots: crafting vegan cheese.

As new vegans, we heard our fair share of myths about "humane slaughter" or "protein deficiency", but what came up most often was how people apparently couldn't live without cheese.

Why millennials everywhere are killing climate change denial.

It would appear climate change deniers will have to change tactics if they’re going to convince people to stick with the fossil fuel industry. Howe says this group will likely start focusing solely on how fighting climate change would impact the economy.

Relevant: How Can We Cooperate Across Borders To Tackle Climate Change?

We thought this tiny deer-like animal was extinct for almost 30 years.

The silver-backed chevrotain – or Vietnam mouse-deer – hasn't been seen for 30 years, but conservationists have tracked some down.

Dropshipping journalism.

They know that if they hit their marks on stories per day and traffic, the four tenets of responsible journalism don’t matter.

The looming implementation of private fields to JavaScript as described in tc39/proposal-class-fields might be a convincing argument for a lot of people (including myself) to switch to TypeScript.

Just compare for yourself:

// ECMAScript  
class X {    
method() {  
    // This fails with an error  
// TypeScript  
class Animal {    
private name: string;    
constructor(theName: string) { this.name = theName; }  



Converts hex strings to pronounceable words.

The Bauhaus Master Who Saw Photoshop Coming, 90 Years Ahead of Time.

“In the future, all printing establishments will have their own photochemical-photomechanical unit, effectively doing away with many hands-on typesetting ‘construction’ jobs.”

Monday, 11. November 12019
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TIL about Dwitter.

(…) see what awesomeness you can create when limited to only 140 characters of javascript and a canvas.

Ethereum's most undervalued asset at risk and what can we do about it

Meetup.com, the home of over 3000 self-organizing Ethereum & Decentralization related groups, had announced overnight a surprise pricing-model change. What was previously a "free" website allowing people to organize and attend events announced that starting November it will begin charging $2 per RSVP.