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Friday, 23. September 12016
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10 Tricks to Appear Smart During Meetings.

Hacker-Proof Code Confirmed.

The technology that repelled the hackers was a style of software programming known as formal verification. Unlike most computer code, which is written informally and evaluated based mainly on whether it works, formally verified software reads like a mathematical proof: Each statement follows logically from the preceding one. An entire program can be tested with the same certainty that mathematicians prove theorems.

Thursday, 22. September 12016
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web2web – server-less & domain-less websites updatable via torrents and bitcoin blockchain.

The borderless, technology-focused mindset of Africa’s future leaders.

Wednesday, 21. September 12016
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Ghanaian President Vows Not to Shut Down Social Media During Elections.

Various African countries have developed a routine of blocking social media platforms before, during and after elections citing “security concerns”.

Silent University: Wissen schaffen – gemeinsam mit Geflüchteten, MigrantInnen und Asylsuchenden.

Inbox ~10.

aka the Great Unsubscribe Cataclysm of Fall 2016.

Tuesday, 20. September 12016
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Uber wants to take over public transit, one small town at a time.

Amazing Ping Pong Trick Shots 2016 (via


[A short article pretending to be] The Underground Guide to Chinese Counterculture.

In fact, punks like Li have learned that even screaming into a mic won’t get everyone to listen. Punk rock accounts for a slim slice (by some estimates, as little as $1.5 million) of what Statista estimates to be China’s $917 million music industry.

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