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Friday, 12. May 12023
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⚡️ AMP

How Google tried to fix the web — by taking it over.

“You have to use AMP. We built a standard, it’s shit, it’s terrible, it’s not ready, it does only like a quarter of what you need it to do, but we need you to use it anyway because otherwise we’re just not going to show your articles in mobile search results anymore…”

Monday, 1. May 12023
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Wie schlägt man jemandem neu­tral ins Gesicht?

Polizeiforscherin über Gewalt im Einsatz: „Gewalttätig sind immer die anderen“.

Der Begriff „Gewalt“ spielt in polizeilichen Selbstbildern kaum eine Rolle. Die Polizei präsentiert sich selbst über Begriffe wie „Ordnung“ oder „Sicherheit“. Gewalttätig sind immer die anderen, während polizeiliche Gewalt als „Maßnahme“ oder „Zwang“ bezeichnet wird. Das Gleiche gilt für Emotionen. In ihren Einsatzberichten beschreiben die Be­am­tin­nen ausschließlich ihr Gegenüber in seiner Emotionalität. Zum Beispiel: „Die Person wurde aggressiv und daraufhin wurden Maßnahmen getroffen.“ Die Emotionalität der Po­li­zis­tin­nen wird invisibilisiert.

Characterizing Tech Debt.

These notes focus on accurately describing what tech debt is, moreso than tactics for handling it.

Parrots learn to make video calls to chat with other parrots, then develop friendships, Northeastern University researchers say.

Not only did the birds initiate calls freely and seem to understand that a real fellow parrot was on the other end, but caretakers overwhelmingly reported the calls as positive experiences for their parrots. Some caregivers watched their birds learn skills from their video friends, including foraging, new vocalizations and even flying. “She came alive during the calls,” reported one.

The web's most important decision.

For a while, in the early 90’s, the web was in competition with Gopher, an alternative Internet-backed protocol developed at the University of Minnesota (…) Gopher was hierarchical by design, a stark contrast to the sprawling, nonhierarchic hyperlink of the web. Gopher also put resources behind search and design of sites years before technologies like Google and browsers like Netscape would do the same for the web.

As a result, it was pretty popular. Maybe more so than the web. But there’s a reason we don’t hear much about Gopher these days.

Source: ik.imagekit.io

Push notifications to your phone or desktop via PUT/POST.

ntfy (pronounced notify) is a simple HTTP-based pub-sub notification service.

It allows you to send notifications to your phone or desktop via scripts from any computer, and/or using a REST API. It's infinitely flexible, and 100% free software.

Hyd Is PC Music’s Renaissance Woman.

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised to hear a PC Music artist make guitar pop inspired by Shania Twain or bare their soul. Dunham sees herself as a part of an art scene dedicated to vulnerability: “That’s what’s exciting about this collective. A willingness to go hard, try hard, fall down, make mistakes, get wild, get weird.”

Sunday, 30. April 12023
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The next abstraction of programming languages will be based on linguistic tricks to make your go-to LLM most likely do what you expect it to do.

Relevant: LLM Hacker's Handbook.

Wednesday, 26. April 12023
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Hurricane by Cannons.

Relevant: Fever Dream.