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Tuesday, 1. June 12021
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Hoppscotch – Open source API development ecosystem.

Helps you create requests faster, saving precious time on development.

Still not sure we should cut it so carelessly, though.

The Undying Hydra: A Freshwater Mini-Monster That Defies Aging.

(…) the hydra’s ability to rebuild itself is so powerful that the animal can even reform after being essentially blended at a cellular level.

Friday, 28. May 12021
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Snapchat Surgeries‽

Social media and the neuroscience of predictive processing.

A recent survey found that more than half of cosmetic surgeons had patients explicitly asking them for procedures that would enhance their online image, while some surgeons have also reported patients using enhanced images of themselves as an example of how they’d like to look.

Should we rebrand REST?

Fielding's thesis was a kind of retrospective on the design decisions that led to the World Wide Web — a distributed hypermedia-driven information retrieval system — becoming the runaway success it was.

The stunning Super-Kamiokande is hidden beneath a mountain in Japan to detect neutrinos shot from supernovas.

To ensure that the cones of Cerenkov radiation successfully reach the Super K’s PMTs, the water inside the tank has to be super-pure. It’s continually re-purified and bombarded with UV light to kill off any bacteria floating around in it. The resulting liquid is so pure, it’s more like an acid and an alkaline than the H2O we know.

Moar stunning pictures of Super-Kamiokande.

A Rant About "Technology".

Anybody who ever lighted a fire without matches has probably gained some proper respect for "low" or "primitive" or "simple" technologies; anybody who ever lighted a fire with matches should have the wits to respect that notable hi-tech invention.

Finally understanding PNG.

Both images look the same, have the same width and height, both are PNGs, but the file size is significantly different. Why?

Relevant: How software gets color wrong.

Why Decentralised Applications Don’t Work.

That was depressing… What now?

iLearn Ukrainian.

Learn Ukrainian for FREE online. Vocabulary and grammar lessons with audio. From beginner to intermediate levels.

What happens when pacifist soldiers search for peace in a war video game.

Relevant: Total Refusal.