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Wednesday, 25. November 12020
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Quick tutorial CSS tip: How to show source code the easy way.

OK, here is where it gets wild. If you add a contenteditable="true" attribute to your style block, you can even allow readers to change the settings live and play with them.

When Conall Cernach put his bloodied hand on a banner as he avenged the death of Cú Chulainn.

The Red Hand of Ulster.

Relevant: Triskelion.


The 100 Best Inventions of 2020.

Groundbreaking innovations that are making the world better, smarter and a little more fun.

Sideways Dictionary is a tool for finding and sharing helpful analogies to explain technological ideas.

Because if everyone understands technology better, we can make technology work better for everyone.

Flash Animations Live Forever at the Internet Archive.

The Internet Archive is now emulating Flash animations, games and toys in our software collection.

Relevant: Ruffle is an Adobe Flash Player emulator written in the Rust programming language.

Tuesday, 24. November 12020
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Mystery solved! Origin of Norwich keyboard revealed (via atlasobscura.com).

Its provenance has been shrouded in mystery for two decades, but the origin of one of Norwich’s more quirky features has been revealed.

The Atlantic interviews former president Barack Obama.

You’re in high school and you see all the cliques and bullying and unfairness and superficiality, and you think, Once I’m grown up I won’t have to deal with that anymore. And then you get to the state legislature and you see all the nonsense and stupidity and pettiness. And then you get to Congress and then you get to the G20, and at each level you have this expectation that things are going to be more refined, more sophisticated, more thoughtful, rigorous, selfless, and it turns out it’s all still like high school. Human dynamics are surprisingly constant.

YouTube-Serie „Jugendland“ des NDR: Deutschrap auf dem Dorfplatz.

Sarah aus Eicklingen wird im Laufe der Serie schwanger. Sie findet Schwangerschaftshosen nicht so toll und verzweifelt bei der Suche nach einer Hebamme. Das Team filmt sie dabei, wie vom anderen Ende am Telefon „Dies ist der Anrufbeantworter der Hebamme …“ zu hören ist. Die Versorgungslage für Schwangere ist im ländlichen Raum katastrophal. Probleme, die schon in der Stadt groß sind: auf dem Land fast unlösbar.

A browser in a browser.
A time capsule in a time capsule.

Gemini Portal.

Relevant: An opinionated list of best practices for textual websites.

SICK is an independent, thoughtful magazine by chronically ill & disabled people.

SICK is committed to elevating the voices of sick & disabled people by publishing essays, features, poetry, visual art, interviews, and more. Our aim is to increase representation of sick & disabled people in publishing and the arts, and to challenge the harmful stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding disability.