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Monday, 20. May 12024
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Schach-Ikone Nona Gaprindashvili: Eine intellektuelle Revolution.

Nona Gaprindashvili aus Georgien war die erste Schachspielerin, die vom Weltverband den Titel Großmeisterin verliehen bekam. (…) Die Netflix-Serie „Queens Gambit“ ist teilweise auf ihrem Leben aufgebaut, ohne sie zu nennen, weswegen sie 2021 Klage einreichte. 2022 einigten sich der Sender und die Schachspielerin außergerichtlich.

When Doves Type.

Remnants of a Legendary Typeface Rescued From the River Thames.

Green managed to recover a total of 151 sorts (the name for individual pieces of type) out of a possible 500,000. “It’s a tiny fraction, but when I was down by the river on my own, for one second it all felt very cosmic,” he said. “It was like Cobden-Sanderson had dropped the type from the bridge and straight into my hands. Time just collapsed.”

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Source: news.artnet.com

We can have a different web.

Social networks have become “the web” for many people who rarely venture outside of their tall and increasingly reinforced walls. As Tom Eastman once put it, the web has rotted into “five giant websites, each filled with screenshots of the other four”. Within those enclosures, the character limits, neutered subset of web functionality, and constant push to satisfy the enigmatic desires of an algorithm tuned to keeping eyeballs on the platform encourage sameness, vapid engagement farming, and rage bait while stifling creativity.

Emoji history: the missing years.

Suicide of Takako Konishi.

Her death was ruled a suicide, but some erroneous media stories at the time reported that she, under the mistaken impression that the 1996 film Fargo was based on a true story, had died trying to locate the money hidden by Steve Buscemi's character, Carl Showalter.

This article is more than 9 years old.

Everything you need to know about László Krasznahorkai, winner of the Man Booker International prize

Little known in the English-speaking world, the Hungarian author has been praised by Susan Sontag and WG Sebald and his fans include a film director whose life’s mission is to bring his novels to the screen.

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Expectations Versus Reality.

The tech industry needs to start building things for real people again. Solve real problems. Help regular consumers, not the shadowy morasse of Small-To-Medium Enterprises. If artificial intelligence is truly the future, build something that makes somebody who doesn’t give a shit about technology sit up and listen instead of creating increasingly-more-complex party tricks in the hopes that it’ll show Wall Street you’re still growing.

Smashing Newsletter #456: How To Name Things

Naming is hard. As designers and developers, we often struggle finding the right name — for design tokens, colors, UI components, HTML classes and variables. Sometimes names are too generic, so it’s difficult to understand what they mean. Or too specific, leaving little room for flexibility and re-use.

Raves: Untz untz untz untz.

“Techno… derives its central premise from the act of African Americans dreaming of a future beyond the structural failings of a postindustrial collapse in the late twentieth century,” wrote media theorist DeForrest Brown Jr.

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