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Tuesday, 5. December 12017
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What Do We Do with the Art of Monstrous Men?

Who is this “we” that’s always turning up in critical writing anyway? We is an escape hatch. We is cheap. We is a way of simultaneously sloughing off personal responsibility and taking on the mantle of easy authority. It’s the voice of the middle-brow male critic, the one who truly believes he knows how everyone else should think. We is corrupt. We is make-believe. The real question is this: can I love the art but hate the artist? Can you? When I say we, I mean I. I mean you.

Blockchain Graveyard.

These cryptocurrency institutions have suffered intrusions resulting in stolen financials, or shutdown of the product. Nearly all closed down afterward.

Coditany of Timeness, by DADABOTS (via

This album was generated with a recurrent neural network trained on raw audio from the album “Diotima” by Krallice. All titles were generated by a Markov chain. The album cover was created with neural style transfer.

Dominique Le Bagousse.

papergrapher – Vector Editor based on Paper.js (via

Monday, 4. December 12017
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The Font Testing Page.

I slipped on JavaScript’s Banana Peel.

If you’ve contributed to a few open source projects, you might be familiar with the special kind of shame that results from a reverted patch. My embarrassment in this case was “extra special” because I didn’t even understand the rationale.

Saturday, 2. December 12017
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List of emerging technologies.

What the Hell Is Going On With Bitcoin?

As Dan Gross wrote in his book Pop!, the soapsuds of burst bubbles often fertilize the next generation’s breakthrough technologies. Before the national telegraph, train system, and tech giants, there was a telegraph bubble, a train bubble, and (who could forget?) a dot-com and online-retail bubble. The blockchain, like each of those technologies, has the potential to become a critical piece of infrastructure for the digital economy, even if the price of bitcoin is crashing as you read this paragraph.

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