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Friday, 28. April 12017
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Elsevier's PURE: self-interest and exploitation.

Why on earth is the research journal publishing industry — the industry that has made a fortune by appropriating our intellectual property during the many years when the costs and constraints of print and its distribution left us no choice — now to be allowed not only to retain its stranglehold but to strengthen it — and to do so in the online era, the era that would at last have allowed us to free ourselves (and our property, and our actions) from that industry's gratuitous and greedy grip?

The Story of Getting SSH Port 22.

And then he took it proprietary. In response, the community forked his old code, implemented the second version of his protocol, then left him to rot in irrelevance. He had apparently learned nothing from the failure of Gopher. Now, SSH is controlled in all but name by OpenBSD instead. Idiot. (Via

Thursday, 27. April 12017
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Why 'mobile first' may already be outdated.

If “mobile first” is our future, why are almost all the most successful mobile driven businesses building web apps designed for larger screens?

timg – a viewer that uses 24-Bit color capabilities and unicode character blocks to display images in the terminal.


Netlify CMS is a Content Management System for static sites, allowing collaborators to create, edit, review, and publish content without writing code or dealing with version control.

At its core, Netlify CMS is an open-source React app that acts as a wrapper for the Git workflow, using the GitHub API.

CSS – The invisible parts.

Does one of them spontaneously combust?

Think you know the top web browsers?

“This is the first in a series of posts where we will take a look at the CSS Grid Layout specification. We’ll start right at the beginning, with all the stuff that appears at the top of a CSS specification.”


The Origin of the IMG Tag.

Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web, was hesitant too. He suggested that Andreessen instead use the anchor tag to display inline images instead of creating something entirely new. This would allow users to set their own preferences for how images should be handled. He saw the web as a customizable experience, and envisioned a world where users would tinker with their browsers to display webpages based on personal preferences. A rigid img tag ran against that vision. (…) As it turns out, Andreessen’s email was less of a suggestion and more a simple announcement. Bina and Andreessen had already planned on including the img tag in their release, and had no plans on changing syntax or support. Inline images were a top priority for the browser, and nothing was going to change that.

Wednesday, 26. April 12017
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Please note that those are artificial voices and they do not convey the opinions of Donald Trump, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Copy the voice of anyone with Lyrebird.

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