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Thursday, 5. May 12016
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Not safe for breakfast.

In search of a healthy gut, one man turned to an extreme DIY fecal transplant.

Wednesday, 4. May 12016
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GitHub README Analyzer by Algorithmia.

Think you've got a great GitHub README? Compare yours to the 10,000 most popular repositories on GitHub.

Adrian Zumbrunnen’s website is now conversational. And it can recommend you UX reads.

CO2NCRETE Is Able To Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Sustainable Concrete – UCLA believes their upcycling system could help curb global climate change.

Why do we follow digital maps into dodgy places?

Death by GPS.

The feed is dying. The reverse-chronological social media feed — the way you’ve read Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs (which is to say, the internet) at various points over the last decade, updates organized according to the time they were posted, refreshed at the top of the screen — no longer really makes sense.”

Everything is illuminated.

Eggs Literally Spark With Light Upon Contact With Sperm, and We Caught It on Camera.

The biggest question about the beginning of the Universe — Starts With A Bang!

Where did it come from” is pretty high up there!

Monday, 2. May 12016
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The tearful birth of democracy.

How Chinese third-graders elect a class monitor.


“What kind of thing is ‘Democracy’? Born into an authoritarian state that professes to value the greater good over individual expression, many Chinese children have little familiarity with Western ideals of democracy. Nevertheless, they prove themselves quick studies in Please Vote For Me, which chronicles China’s first ever modern classroom election, held among third-graders in the city of Wuhan. After the students learn the basic tenets of democracy, a campaign for the position of class monitor swiftly descends into an all too familiar jumble of campaign promises, back-room deals and dirty tricks. Funny, touching and full of small surprises, the Chinese director Weijun Chen’s documentary is a wry look at the democratic process and all its chaotic, imperfect promise.”

Gentoo Tesla T2 Edition.

“After 2 weeks of cross-compiling, struggling with ALSA, and fighting with Xorg and Nvidia Tegra drivers, I finally have something I would consider presentable!”


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