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Friday, 3. February 12023
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»Wir sind keine Titanen. Wir dürfen uns den tückischen Fragen nicht kühn zum Kampfe stellen, ihre Herausforderungen nicht annehmen, sondern gesenkten Hauptes den schwierigen Moment verstreichen lassen, um alsbald wieder zu lächeln und nach dem Glück zu streben.« — Catherine Meurisse: Die Leichtigkeit.

Thursday, 2. February 12023
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Two-up (via en.wikipedia.org).

The Ringie selects a player as the spinner (generally greeted to loud calls of "Come in spinner!" from the rest of the players). The spinner tosses the coins in the air using the kip until they win (and continue spinning), lose (and the kip is offered to the next player around the ring), or toss the kip (take their winning wagers and retire).

Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Lucky Man.

The generative AI revolution has begun—how did we get here?

(…) the breakthrough with generative image models is a combination of two AI advances. First, there's deep learning's ability to learn a “language” for representing images via latent representations. Second, models can use the “translation” ability of transformers via a foundation model to shift between the world of text and the world of images (via that latent representation).

Thursday, 26. January 12023
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What time is it on the Moon?

The Moon doesn’t currently have an independent time. Each lunar mission uses its own timescale that is linked, through its handlers on Earth, to coordinated universal time, or UTC — the standard against which the planet’s clocks are set.

Thursday, 19. January 12023
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Charm – We build tools to make the command line glamorous.

trpc – Move Fast and Break Nothing.

End-to-end typesafe APIs made easy.

permit.io – Never Build Permissions Again.

Powerful access controls made simple with low code.

Friday, 13. January 12023
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Interactive Toy.

Furby 1998 source code.

Heart breaking, tear jerking, ugh… 😭

I don’t know who that little human being is, but they remind me on the human being i recently lost to cancer. So many chemo patients look alike no matter their age. Hugging and playing games is the most you can do sometimes. Otherwise it can feel just so exhausting, paralyzing and powerless. And this cosplayer (is it Ricky Mena?) does the most amazing thing I can imagine, providing and having a good time with this tiny human.