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Wednesday, 18. October 12017
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Also works great with MP4!

How do I convert a video to GIF using ffmpeg, with reasonable quality?

Tuesday, 17. October 12017
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Was dudelt und sprudelt und apfelstrudelt?

Strudel.js is a lightweight component framework.

Strudel’s biggest goal is to provide great way of writing interactive bits on pages like tabs, accordions and carousels in server-side rendered websites. It’s time to get rid of jQuery and start writing modern and lightweight code.

JavaScript's Promise Leaks Memory.

HSLuv is a human-friendly alternative to HSL.

Saturday, 14. October 12017
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Cosmic JS vs. WordPress.

Cosmic JS is an API-first CMS that helps teams of developers and content editors build apps faster.

Looks like a very cool tool for teaching the web.

Scrimba interactive coding screencasts.

The Frightful Five Want to Rule Entertainment. They Are Hitting Limits.

The companies I call the Frightful Five — Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Alphabet, Google’s parent company — have experienced astounding growth over the last few years, making them the world’s five most valuable public companies. Because they own the technology that will dominate much of life for the foreseeable future, they are also gaining vast social and political power over much of the world beyond tech.

Buch „Uncreative Writing“: Sprache als Rohmaterial.

Programmieren, recyclen, plagiieren: Kenneth Goldsmith fordert eine Poetik für das digitale Zeitalter im Zeichen von Copy-and-paste.

Is the era of humanitarian intervention over?

The Starling and Falcon Dance.

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