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Friday, 15. July 12016
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Is there an emoji for this, too?

DDoS emotions.

When a DDoS attack occurs, organizations respond using existing mental models of operations—in effect treating it as an operational problem—not taking into account the emotional effects of the malicious nature of the attack for both the people in the line of fire and everyone else in the org.

Why do we use the Linux kernel's TCP stack?

(…) they wrote their own TCP stack, and it made everything several times times faster. What?!

Wednesday, 13. July 12016
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Analyzing swearing in movies, part 1: Swears per minute.

Plot Breakdown: Back to the Future.

This is a breakdown of the plot to Back To The Future. It divides the plot into 38 beats and the time they occur, rounded to the nearest minute.

Hypnagogic music playlist.

Vaporwave and the pop-art of the virtual plaza (via

A two-part feature on the underground musicians co-opting the icons of hi-def capitalism for their own ends.

The Official Spotify US Vaporwave Playlist (via

Aaand someone took the effort to create a copy of the playlist at Google Music.

It’s raining nerds, Halleluja!

“The VentuSky application is freely accessible to anyone around the world, aimed at improving awareness about meteorological events in our atmosphere. Images from the application can be redistributed and thus help us achieve our goal.”

Monday, 11. July 12016
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How the WSJ Analyzed and Visualized Hamilton’s Rhyming Lyric.

The American Dream Is Alive in Finland.

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