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Monday, 20. March 12023
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The 2023 Holberg prize is awarded to Catalan scholar Joan Martinez-Alier for his ground-breaking research in ecological economics, political ecology and environmental justice.

“The Environmentalism of the Poor” examines the relationship between environmental conflicts and poverty. The book overturns assumptions that there is a necessary conflict between improving the economic well-being of the poor and attaining environmental sustainability.

Saturday, 18. March 12023
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POSIX Shell and Utilities Quick Reference (via j3s.sh).

i believe that most people should only learn and write a single dialect of shell: posix shell.

Homesick never worked for me…

chezmoi – Manage your dotfiles across multiple diverse machines, securely.

chezmoi provides many features beyond symlinking or using a bare git repo including: templates (to handle small differences between machines), password manager support (to store your secrets securely), importing files from archives (great for shell and editor plugins), full file encryption (using gpg or age), and running scripts (to handle everything else).

markta – Dein digitaler Bauernmarkt.

Ein faires Lebensmittelsystem für Mensch, Tier & Umwelt.


Investing in RSS.

Opening up my RSS reader, a cup of coffee in hand, still feels calm and peaceful in a way that trying to keep up with happenings in other ways just never has. There’s more room for nuance and thoughtfulness, and I feel more in control of what I choose to read, and what I don’t.

Tidying up your $HOME with Nix.

Use home-manager to provision your whole dev environment.

Relevant: Home Manager.

Tuesday, 7. March 12023
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Amazing what people find out!

Importing an .ics file to Google Calendar.

(Amazing what people need to find out to make seemingly simple things work.)

Thursday, 2. March 12023
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Can We Make Bicycles Sustainable Again?

Cycling is the most sustainable form of transportation, but the bicycle is becoming increasingly damaging to the environment. The energy and material used for its production go up while its life expectancy decreases.

Wednesday, 1. March 12023
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Der Macht, die missbraucht wird, ist halt nicht immer mit friedlichen Mitteln beizukommen.

Der Panzer und die Punks: Den Schrott vor die Tür stellen.

Ob russischer Panzer vor russischer Botschaft oder Widerstand von Punks gegen die Volkspolizei: Der anarchistische Impuls ist meist politisch richtig.

Source: taz.de
Monday, 27. February 12023
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Courier Notification Infrastructure.

Courier is an API and web studio for development teams to manage all product-triggered communications (email, chat, in-app, SMS, push, etc.) in one place.