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Friday, 29. May 12020
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offenevergaben.at ist ein zivilgesellschaftliches Projekt des Forum Informationsfreiheit und derzeit noch in einer Test-Phase.

Wir machen Auftragsvergaben der öffentlichen Hand über 50.000 Euro nachvollziehbar. Dafür verwenden wir seit März 2019 verfügbare offene Daten der Auftraggeber.

Sunday, 24. May 12020
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Amazing that after all those years the Helma Debugger is still running and (mostly, as far as I can tell) working flawlessly.

Screenshot of Helma’s built-in debugger in full force
Screenshot of Helma’s built-in debugger in full force
Saturday, 23. May 12020
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The Unreasonable Effectiveness Of Declarative Programming.

I show off minanim.js , a tiny, 100LoC, yet feature-complete library for building animations declaratively, and why someone would want to do things this way. Enjoy!

Mind-melting AI makes Frank Sinatra sing "Toxic" by Britney Spears.

We want to take this technology, which we think is capable of brand-new forms of creativity, and give it back to artists."

Nieten in Hosen.

Geschäftsmodell Online-Lieferdienste: Start-up abgezogen.

Wenn Lieferfahrer eine Pizza für 24 Dollar bei Aj’s erwarben, an Endkunden aber acht Dollar billiger verkauften, könnte der Wirt seine Pizza doch einfach selber bestellen und die Differenz als Profit einfahren. Ein Versuch mit zehn Pizzen gelang.

Exploring the Frontier: A Conversation with Xia Jia.

Xia Jia published her first short story, “The Demon-Enslaving Flask,” in 2004 (English translation by Linda Rui Feng in the November 2012 issue of Renditions), when she was still a college student. The story, a retcon science history in which Maxwell’s demon was a literal demon instead of a thought experiment, catapulted its author into the limelight by winning her a Yinhe (Galaxy) Award for Best New Writer.


We turn any drawing, artwork, or picture into a custom stuffed animal.

Source: budsies.com

There are just too many…

Drop-in Minimal CSS.

This page provides an overview of barebones drop-in minimal CSS boilerplate frameworks. To switch to a different stylesheet, select one of the frameworks from the dropdown menu below.

How does git detect renames?

A Goodreads alternative.

LibraryThing – Catalog your books online.