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Sunday, 10. October 12021
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The New Pornographers – An analysis of consumer tech review media. (via steadyhq.com).

Datasets used
28,000 tech reviews
10,375 YouTube tech reviews and unboxing videos metadata

Relevant: Tell me, do you intend to fuck it?

Source: components.one

Medien nach der Bundestagswahl: Transformative Zeiten (via steadyhq.com).

Die Annahme von Vernunft auf der eigenen Seite, der Verdacht der Unvernunft auf der anderen Seite, und damit die Fortsetzung der Erzählung von politischer Rationalität, wie sie den demokratischen Prozess fast notwendigerweise prägt – oft zum Nachteil der sprachlichen oder inhaltlichen Durchlässigkeit, weil Zweifel, Zaudern, Emotionen, Scheitern, das Experiment, die Unsicherheit im Tun, in diesen Krisenzeiten fast unausweichlich und sogar wünschenswert, in angeblich vernunftgeleiteten Systemen nur schwer einen Platz finden.

Confirm You Are a Human.

(…) creators are moving beyond traditional artistic genres and mobilizing the uncanny in order to explore identity, race, and power in the twenty-first century; asking critical questions about the psychological costs of the uncanny valley. Looking beyond its pitfalls and toward a horizon of mixed reality means dispersing agency and holding ambiguity in suspension.

Witness the majesty of moths taking flight at 6,000 frames per second.

The incredible biophysics of moths taking flight is a spectacle to behold – especially at 6,000 frames per second

Relevant: Ant Lab.

Writing In Public, Inside Your Company.

Writing shows up within a company in two primary ways: papertrails and curations. Papertrails are documented accounts of what happened, typically produced in the run of work while it’s happening. Meeting notes are the most obvious example. Curations are artifacts of work produced to contribute to the system of shared knowledge. These are typically editorialized summaries of work that has already happened or an outlook on work that will happen soon.

Evergiven, the prequel.

Eight years stuck on the Suez Canal.

The crew on the Melampus faced a dilemma. War between Israel and Egypt appeared imminent, and passing through the Suez Canal could place them right in the danger zone. But the alternative was an 8,200km detour around southern Africa. A nine-day journey home, after many months at sea, would be extended by weeks. The captain of the British cargo ship put it to a vote, and the crew chose to take a chance on the artificial waterway.

Where Does Micro$oft Want To Go Today?

As the adage says, if you cannot beat them, join them. Or maybe is this just a new chapter of their traditional embrace, extend, and extinguish strategy? Only time will tell.

Addictions all the way down.

cinephobe.tv – New York’s first and only TV channel.

Relevant: museumofhomevideo.com is 90 minutes of found footage for stoners, seekers, archivists and drinkers.

Web Skills.

A visual overview of useful skills to learn as a web developer.

Weekly Obsession: Disco.

Everything you need to know about disco in five minutes or less, including its subversive history and why it's so danceable.