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Saturday, 18. November 12023
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Delusional Mandala.

Lu Yang is a multimedia artist driven by the desire to explore her own gender nonconformity alongside big topics such as neuroscience and religion. She often expresses her ideas through playful digital lense resembling video games populated with gaudy, anime-inspired characters.

Electromagnetic Brainlogy as seen at Bolzano’s Museion
Electromagnetic Brainlogy as seen at Bolzano’s Museion

The artist created a digital nonsexual human simulator in her own shape for the first time to complete an artwork. Because of the powerful curse in the content of the work, the artist has to apply the spell to herself to avoid harming others.

Relevant: 電磁腦神教!腦制御士!.

The Decline of Usability: Revisited.

Auto-hiding scroll bars, shrinking the draggable area of window titles and cramming the bulk of a program's functionality inside a cramped hamburger menu are, as discussed above, blatantly breaking a number of well known UI design principles. Surely - surely - that's because of the incredible amount of meticulous research underpinning those decisions. And surely - surely - considering how prevalent this paradigm is today, any UI designer worth their salt can recite the very good reasons for and many benefits of these concepts in their sleep?

Saturday, 11. November 12023
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The Economics of Programming Languages.

In the mythology of open source, programming languages are created by people who seemingly have no direct economic function. They are just really good at compilers (somehow) and have a house to live in (somehow) and have a lifetime to devote to creating a useful programming language (somehow!)

Depeche Mod.

Inner Mainspring.

This guitar riff was composed a few years ago, now it is time to record it.

Early computer art by Barbara Nessim (1984).

The chunky scan-line gaps in between the rows of pixels are the result of these images being photographs of the monitor on which they were displayed. Screenshots had existed since the 1960s but in the 1980s getting such an image off a mainframe was not yet easy or universal. Instead images were saved by pointing a camera at the screen, in this case a Video Image Recorder, capturing the image on 35mm slide film, and printing them by cibachrome process.

Monaspace – an innovative superfamily of fonts for code.

Texture Healing is a novel technique that evens out the density of monospaced type, bringing it closer to how proportional type has looked for centuries.

Struggling to learn how to do a backflip, Nikita takes on an unusual training regimen.

(…) a wildly original and amusing snapshot of both the potential and current limits of AI.

Monday, 6. November 12023
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The Grand Guignol.

Another feature that defined this theatre and truly set it apart from its contemporaries and even most horror theatre today is its refusal of the supernatural. Instead, the horror and humor of the theatre are explicitly derived from human behavior and the base impulses of man.

Relevant: Paula Maxa, la femme la plus assassinée au monde.

Heißer(!) Tipp für die Wiener Maronistandler!

Der Keschtnriggl ist ein aus Kastanienholz geflochtenes Gerät, das man im Burggrafenamt seit Jahrhunderten zum Schälen der gebratenen Kastanien verwendet.

Shoelace: A forward-thinking library of web components.

Shoelace provides a collection of professionally designed, highly customizable UI components built on a framework agnostic technology.

Relevant: Web Components Will Outlive Your JavaScript Framework.