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Saturday, 22. June 12019
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When will npm@6.9.1 be released (and other PRs merged?)

On March 22, npm fired several members of the open source and community team for discussing workplace conditions and other labor organizing activities. As a result, core employee contributors to the npm cli were removed from the project, and others have left in solidarity or put their work on hold.

Also see my previous post at blog.p3k.org.

Onewheel by Future Motion.

Source: cdn.shopify.com

Fakebook is trying to become an independent country.

“I don’t believe Facebook should be allowed to wreck the global financial system like it has, as many see it, wrecked global communications (…)”

(Probably more) relevant: Facebook moderators are dying at their desks.

Tuesday, 18. June 12019
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The State of CSS 2019.

Arbitrary Style Transfer with Style-Attentional Networks.

This “AI Atelier Demo” enables one to merge two images together by applying the style of the one to the content of the other. For example, one could create a painting from a photography of Vienna which looks like van Gogh could have created it.

I uploaded an older profile image of myself for the content image and the wonderful comic version Pascale Osterwalder created from it for the Data Dealer project with quite the expected result between realistic portrait and artistic license.

Monday, 17. June 12019
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For those who like Goldfrapp and Stereolab.


   <) )╯  Always
    / \

    ( (>  Own
    / \

   <) )>  Your Platform
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Last week I attended the FAB Demo Day at MODUL University on Kahlenberg.

To my delight, this was not yet another presentation / pitch of your average bunch of tech start-ups trying to solve problems by creating one or two more of it alike – or solving those from an earlier iteration. (Software eats my shorts!)

Instead, the stage was full of admirable ideas, products (which I am sure many have already seen in one of those competitive pitch shows on broadcast TV, a medium I hardly come across twice a year in the meantime) – and most of all: people.

The most impressive ones for me are Alpengummi with their sustainable and natural chewing gum – no oil, plastic or unhealthy sweetener – and Unverschwendet who save produce for disposal and turn it into delicious jams, sirup, chutneys and sauces. (The vanilla-apricot jam simply rocks!)

Unfortunately, neither of both were the jury’s favorite. Nevertheless, I think they will be heard from again – fingers crossed.

Kudos to the MU StartupHub for organizing the event. Afterwards I took the one hour walk downhill to Heiligenstadt chewing one single Alpengummi – which actually lasted the whole trip, beating the “petrol gums” I tried so far by lengths.

And that is why Austria invented the Schnitzel.

In the Bronze Age, People Labored Over Cereal That No One Ate.

They probably used the Cheerio-like rings in rituals, not the kitchen.

MacKenzie Bezos and the Pitfalls of Tech Philanthropy.

“MacKenzie is going to be amazing and thoughtful and effective at philanthropy, and I’m proud of her,” he (J. Bezos, ed.) wrote on Twitter. “Pay taxes, Jeff,” someone else replied.