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Tuesday, 7. January 12020
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The new reality: this is Australia at 1°C warming.

Our government is failing us (and you).

Source: miro.medium.com

Danke, Denkmalschutz, sagten die Tiere…

Eine Arche hinter Gittern? Über Sinn, Unsinn und Zukunft von Zoos.

Zu kleine Gehege, zu wenige Artgenossen

Turbofolk: how Serbia’s weird and wonderful pop music came in from the cold.

Not really sure how the Onuka video fits in there, but it offers convenient opportunity for the following segue.

Relevant: The leader of the group Onuka Nata Zhizhchenko about the tour in China, the creative tandem with Evgeny Filatov and self-doubt.

The GitHub Arctic Code Vault.

The 02/02/2020 snapshot archived in the GitHub Arctic Code Vault will sweep up every active public GitHub repository, in addition to significant dormant repos as determined by stars, dependencies, and an advisory panel.

Looks like Antville is getting the deep-freeze treatment, too… (chuckles)

Speculative Identities: Cyberdyne Systems Corporate Identity.

2020, 2028, 2031, 2036, 2038, yadda yadda yadda…

Time formatting and storage bugs.

Multitudes harder for me than saying good-bye to Fakebook.

Tschüss, Google!

Google hatte sich tief in mein Privatleben gefressen. Jetzt habe ich mich getrennt – und nutze digitale Produkte, die mich nicht ausspionieren.

Besides German Privacy Angst Google’s former head of international relations might give sufficiently more good reasons.

Biggest and, probably, most overlooked issue: Google’s search results, once the company’s unconquerable strength and most existential asset, started to suck already quite some time ago.

Relevant: degoogle at Github, degoogle at reddit.

Monday, 6. January 12020
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Refactored my long-term (19 years in May) hobby project, the RSS Box Viewer: upgraded codebase to Python 3.7, Svelte 3, added a lot of support for client-side caching, fixed some bugs and implemented some new ones 😜

Best new idea: the referrers section shows an RSS icon for each referrer, linking to the viewer page of the embedded RSS feed. Should have done this a long time ago already as it totally eases issue verification for each referrer!

Wednesday, 1. January 12020
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Codemopolitan. The world’s only women’s coding magazine.

8 Types of Commit Messages That Show He's NOT the Man for You.

Kabul to probe health impact of US ‘mother of all bombs’ as complaints rise.

(…) the returnees and those who were present at the time the bomb was dropped, have complained that it harmed their health, causing conditions such as skin disease, loss of memory, respiratory illness, and malformed birth of some children. The bomb had reportedly also contaminated soil and affected agriculture.