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Saturday, 7. May 12022
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The Gift of It's Your Problem Now.

If you wanted to pay someone to fix some software, you didn't want a gift. You wanted a company.

The systemd playground.

It’s Your Friends Who Break Your Heart.

It is an insolent cliché, almost, to note that our culture lacks the proper script for ending friendships. We have no rituals to observe, no paperwork to do, no boilerplate dialogue to crib from.

How to forgive someone who isn’t sorry.

Some people will never admit wrongdoing. It’s still possible for you to move forward.

GusGus Finds a 'Mobile Home' in Our Technological World.

From “The Inertia Variations” by John Tottenham:

There was a time when I thought
I might have done something by now;
But that was long ago, and over the intervening
Decades I have shifted from prodigy to late-bloomer
To non-bloomer; I have passed my peak without having peaked
Or even begun the ascent, and unless there is something inherently
Salutary to the energy I expend in frustrating myself then
My sacrifices have all been in vain.

My first impressions of web3..

It is, at the very least, something new on the nerd level – and that creates a space for creativity/exploration that is somewhat reminiscent of early internet days. Ironically, part of that creativity probably springs from the constraints that make web3 so clunky.

Just encountered the band “The Metric” in Oliver Assayas’ “Noise” movie and I am so happy to get to know this specific live version of their song “Monster Hospital”.

Not sure Emily Haines means “I fought the war but the war won” when she does not sing the full chorus but i’d appreciate if it was a pun.

The way Haines is vocalizing at the beginning of the song and during the guitar solo amazes me so much. Sounds so cool. Breathtaking.

Black Flowers kann das.

Wie erzeugt man diese magische Stimmung... diesen Moment, wenn man einen Raum betritt und sich überrascht, gerührt oder überwältigt fühlt?

Dino: Modern XMPP ("Jabber") Chat Client using GTK+/Vala.