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Wednesday, 7. April 12021
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The Last Prank Before PR Ruined Everything.

I’ve been carrying the secret for 25 years. Today, I'm coming clean. This is the untold true story of a corporate April Fools' prank gone wrong.

Stacked Git, StGit for short, is an application for managing Git commits as a stack of patches.

With a patch stack workflow, multiple patches can be developed concurrently and efficiently, with each patch focused on a single concern, resulting in both a clean Git commit history and improved productivity.

Prison Food, Abolitionist Geographies, and Food Sovereignty: Food as a Tool of Resistance.

Eating in prison is deeply political. Carceral institutions weaponize and transform the role of food provision into a tool of control, dehumanization, and state-sanctioned violence.

Aus der Rubrik »Zweites Standbein«.

Haare schneiden online lernen.

699€ statt 799€.

Font size is useless; let’s fix it.

When I say em size is absolutely arbitrary and is not related to anything in the font at all, it’s not an exaggeration. It actually is not!

That means that different fonts set at the same size might have drastically different perceived size.

Source: tonsky.me

JavaScript eats the software.

sql.js demo: Online SQL interpreter.

Sunday, 4. April 12021
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AMLO: Wie die sozialistische Kybernetik der DDR half, den Marxismus-Leninismus zu verlernen.

Es ist weniger wahrscheinlich, dass ML als Mittel zur Unterstützung und des Empowerments von Minderheiten, der gefährdeten Ökologie sowie zur Abschaffung von prekarisierter Arbeit weiterentwickelt wird, zumal letztere gegenwärtig im Dienste genau dieser algorithmisierten Kontrolle steht.

A former Guantánamo Bay prisoner and his guard reunite as equals 13 years later.

Relevant: #CloseGuantanamo.

JavaScript Playground for Text Manipulation.

Online code editor for quickly transforming text from one form into another with the help of JavaScript.

“This blog is now hosted on a GPS/LTE modem.”

No, really. Despite the timing of this article, this is not an April Fool’s joke.