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Friday, 26. August 12022
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Parsing the Infamous Japanese Postal CSV.

You can find people complaining about it regularly on Twitter, and there was even briefly a blog just collecting posts from all over the web about it. A particularly amusing tweet describes people who expect computers to bend to the will of humans being punished in Hell by having to parse ken_all.csv forever.

12345,Kyoto,Kyoto,"North Town (Up Lower Godsroad from"
12345,Kyoto,Kyoto,"the West, Down Turtle Street from the"
12345,Kyoto,Kyoto,"East, Up Old Temple Road from the"

Peak speci-men.

Two-factor theory of emotion.

They found that the men who walked across the scary bridge were more likely to call the woman to follow up on the study, and that their stories had more sexual content. The two-factor theory would say that this is because they had transferred (misattributed) their arousal from fear or anxiety on the suspension bridge to higher levels of sexual feeling towards the female experimenter.

Relevant (and via): List of cognitive biases.

ravynOS – Finesse of macOS. Freedom of FreeBSD.

We love macOS, but we’re not a fan of the ever-closing hardware and ecosystem. So we are creating ravynOS — an OS aimed to provide the finesse of macOS with the freedom of FreeBSD.

Does something like this exist in Austria?

Get your mail scanned, mail forwarded, or shredded all for one low monthly fee with the virtual mailbox service.

We don’t have a hundred biases, we have the wrong model.

Behavioral economics has identified dozens of cognitive biases that stop us from acting ‘rationally’. But instead of building up a messier and messier picture of human behavior, we need a new model.

Thanks, H.

Rewiring the Brain in Grief.

Grieving is learning as our brains adjust to a profound change (…) It’s like you’re trying to learn calculus while also running a marathon (…)

Relevant: Five reasons to cry — a taxonomy for common antecedents of emotional crying.


Der Schwer-in-Ordnung-Ausweis.

“So You’ve Decided to Unfollow Me.”

Once upon a time, it seemed like our web would be one where we explicitly assembled our reading based on our interests, rather than letting the algorithms do it for us.


Frühstückspension in Steinbach am Attersee mit eigenem Seezugang, weitläufigem Garten, Imbiss, Hofladen und hauseigener Alm.

Observations of the Lindy Effect.

The Lindy Effect is a heuristic that the future life expectancy of non-perishable entities is proportional to their age. The longer something has already lasted, the higher likelihood it will continue to endure.