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Monday, 20. May 12024
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Have I Been Pwned by the Post Millenial data breach disclosed on 2 May? Yes.

Have I interacted with or even heard of the Post Millenial ever before? No.

Am I suprised? Profit.

Saturday, 11. May 12024
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Milli 🖤

Manchmal frage ich mich
Wo all unsere Leute jetzt sind
Sie kamen uns abhanden unterwegs

Und wie das ist wenn auch wir dann abhanden kommen
Welches Funksignal uns dann noch erreicht.

Friday, 10. May 12024
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Facebook’s AI Spam Isn’t the ‘Dead Internet’: It’s the Zombie Internet.

Facebook is the zombie internet, where a mix of bots, humans, and accounts that were once humans but aren’t anymore interact to form a disastrous website where there is little social connection at all.

Web Components from early 2024.

I’ve been having a lot of fun creating reusable Web Components, so here are three that I’ve built and been using this so far this year.

Declarative Design.

Source: adactio.com

Ukrainecast – Q&A: 800 days, what is the price for peace?

The await event horizon in JavaScript.

Resource leaks are considered by many to be the most insidious category of bug in software because of the difficulty in tracking them down coupled with the fact that they often lay hidden until the system is under the stress of a heavy workload.

Thursday, 9. May 12024
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Civil war
It’s a motherfucker
Don’t you know.

Development notes from xkcd's "Machine".

How we designed xkcd's massive rube goldberg machine game in 3 weeks.

When one looks in the box, one sees it’s not the cat being groomed.

How Erwin Schrödinger indulged his ‘Lolita complex’ in Ireland.

Schrödinger was a serial abuser whose behaviour fitted the profile of a paedophile in the widely understood sense of that term.