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Tuesday, 27. November 12018
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*Privacy Not Included: A Buyer’s Guide for Connected Products.

70 connected products rated on their safety and security.


Arben Vllasaliu’s 3D modelled videos remind me on the time I watched the beginnings of this craft in the 1980s. Very satisfying to observe.

Monday, 26. November 12018
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Tonight from 19:00 CET.

NASA Live: Watch InSight Mars Landing Online.

Relevant: The Oatmeal – On November 26th, a mole will land on Mars.

Saturday, 24. November 12018
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Video Games In East Germany: The Stasi Played Along.

In East Germany, a gamer scene emerged just before the fall of communism. Teenagers met at a computer club to swap and play C64 games. The state watched with interest.


Scrimba is a new way of teaching and learning how to code.

We call it interactive code screencasts.

Stability for the blockchain?

Dai is an asset-backed, hard currency for the 21st century. The first decentralized stablecoin on the Ethereum blockchain.

Vintage book covers spring to life via hypnotic, geometric animations.

The Why of Cooking.

(…) recipes, for all their precision and completeness, are poor teachers. They tell you what to do, but they rarely tell you why to do it.

The Secret Ingredients of the World's Funkiest Fatbergs.

Digging into the science of three cities' sewer-clogging blobs.

How China Walled Off the Internet.

The web was supposed to set the world free. China's is censored, but booming anyway.