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Sunday, 25. February 12024
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You say you're trying to find the fire.
But to me, it looks like burning.

osquery exposes an operating system as a high-performance relational database. (Via lobste.rs.)

This allows you to write SQL queries to explore operating system data. With osquery, SQL tables represent abstract concepts such as running processes, loaded kernel modules, open network connections, browser plugins, hardware events or file hashes.

Saturday, 24. February 12024
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Subprime Intelligence.

This industry is money-hungry, energy-hungry, and compute-hungry, yet it doesn't seem to be doing anything to sustain these otherworldly financial and infrastructural demands, other than the fact that people keep saying that "artificial intelligence is the future." And while some claim that AI can help fight climate change, it's impossible to argue that "suddenly using more and more power for a negligible return" is good for the environment.

Friday, 23. February 12024
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mzmzmz 🕺

htmx, htmy, htmz.

Killed by Google is the open source list of dead Google products, services, and devices. (Via adactio.com).

Just learned about MariaDB’s create table like and insert select syntax – and an easy way to save a corrupted InnoDB table:

create table shiny_table like tragic_table;
insert shiny_table select * from tragic_table;
drop tragic_table;
rename table shiny_table to tragic_table; # Not so tragic anymore 😅

Between a Rock and a Hard Place – On age, the presidency, and mistaking corruption for confusion.

The world is ending, so I went to the place where it began.

One and a half billion years ago, Earth exploded and left the remains in Missouri.

This occurred in the Precambrian Era: before skeletons and sexual reproduction and oxygen, before anything but heat-strewn rock that flowed like rivers of blood. Earth exploded as if in revolt against itself, magma molding into subterranean formations. When erosion wore down the lithosphere, resigning the planet to bearing life, those formations rose to the surface and stayed there.

This is why it is called Mother Earth. You bleed pointlessly for what feels like eons until one day, beautiful creatures emerge from inside, so perfect you wonder how they came from that wreck they call the core.

But they’re here, and you enjoy their company.

Source: substackcdn.com

I admire Sarah Kendzior's tireless, almost Cassandra-like reporting on the coup ambitions of far-right US politics, and I no less admire her powerful, poignant language.

Sunday, 18. February 12024
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Triggerwarnung: fossile Gewalt.

Fahrradaktivist Natenom tot: Der Mann mit dem Abstandhalter.

Er trug immer eine gelbe Leuchtweste. Auch bei seinem Unfall, wie die Polizei bestätigte.

Tonight we gonna browse it like it's 1995!

Protoweb is a free public service that hosts historical Internet websites to demonstrate the Internet in its early days.

Julia Evans asked about popular git config options, and the community replied (via lobste.rs).

Relevant: “There are some aliases and Git addons that I use to make my life easier.”