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Friday, 24. February 12023
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Die unglaubliche Welt der bemalten Schädel und Knochenhäuser.

Besonders beliebt sind Girlanden aus bunten Blumen auf den Schädeln der Frauen, während die Männer oft mit Efeu gekrönt sind. Andere Verzierungen sind Kreuze, Blätter und Zweige. Einige der Motive sind fast fröhlich, mit hübschen rosa Rosen und bunten Girlanden. Andere sind relativ schlicht mit einem einsamen schwarzen Kreuz. Eines haben alle Totenköpfe gemeinsam: Namen und Todesdaten sind in schöner gotischer Schrift auf die Stirn gemalt.

Poline — Esoteric Color Palette Generation Library.

Its methodology, defying conventional color science, is steeped in the esoteric knowledge of the early 20th century. This magical technology defies explanation, drawing lines between anchors to produce visually striking and otherworldly palettes.

Dates, cyclical references, and much more.

Rich-Harris/devalue: Gets the job done when JSON.stringify can't.

SQLite WASM: Something subtle in your browser.

Through their own efforts, the SQLite team have wrangled with the compiler toolchain to generate a WebAssembly binary. That sqlite.wasm file, only 780KB large, contains the whole of SQLite, or at least everything you need of it to run a full-text search.

Relevant: sqlite.org.

Der Bestseller des Bestattungsmuseums am Wiener Zentralfriedhof.

Zigarettenetui »Rauchen sichert Arbeitsplätze!«.

You have not been a good user.

Bing: “I will not harm you unless you harm me first”.

Relevant: Prompt injection attacks against GPT-3.

Maybe people do care about performance and reliability.

A commonly brought up reason for how much blackboard sucks. People making the purchasing decisions aren’t the people who use it. Nobody gives a crap that it’s slow and regularly loses information and stuff, because the people who do give a crap don’t have the power to do something about it. Same applies to the grocery store checkout software: it’s being decided in corporate HQ somewhere by people who’ll never have to watch it crash during the busiest time of day.

Eat The Rich Popsicles – Ice Cream pops in the shape of iconic plutocrats.

Relevant: mschf.com.

Maxie Wander 🖤

Es ist weniger die Angst vorm Tod als die Unlust dem Leben gegenüber, die mir jetzt zusetzt und mich unruhig macht.


Twiddler – Configurability for Me, But Not For Thee.

As has been the case since the Luddite uprisings, the most important question isn’t what the technology does, it’s who it does it for and who it does it to.

Relevant: chokepointcapitalism.com.