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Sunday, 18. February 12024
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rows.com – The new way to spreadsheet.

More powerful than a spreadsheet and more flexible than a reporting tool, Rows is where modern teams build, use and share beautiful spreadsheets.

I cannot believe I was finally able to fix the issue of mails getting bounced or marked as spam by Gmail when sent via my own mail server (yeah, I am one of those fools)…

My OpenDKIM setup was not working all along, my messages never got signed – and a really bad rep by the big G mail servers, instead.

Next task: check up for my own DNS server (twice the fool).

Relevant: The top of the DNS hierarchy.

The Visual Language Research Corpus (VLRC): an annotated corpus of comics from Asia, Europe, and the United States. (Via visuallanguagelab.com, via data-is-plural.com.)

The Visual Language Research Corpus (VLRC) is a dataset of annotations of 376 stories from comics from the United States, northwestern Europe, and East Asia, along with analysis of the complete 10 year run of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. Comics were annotated using 254 constructs from Visual Language Theory, a framework focusing on the linguistic and cognitive structures involved in visual and multimodal information. These annotations include analysis of panel’s attentional framing structure and filmic shot scale, the situational changes across panels, page layouts, multimodality, visual morphology, and path structure.

What happend to the powertothepeople.at website?

(Here it is at web.archive.org.)

You say Jon Postel
I say Joyce K. Reynolds

(Via linux.com.)

Monday, 12. February 12024
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Something's bound to break
It better not be me

Sunday, 11. February 12024
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Beneath the Rubble: Documenting Devastation and Loss in Mariupol.

A new report, digital multimedia feature, and 22-minute video analyze the civilian suffering and damage to thousands of buildings, including several hundred high-rise apartments, hospitals, educational facilities, and electricity and water infrastructure in Mariupol following Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The Expanding Dark Forest and Generative AI.

Humans who want to engage in informal, unoptimised, personal interactions have to hide in closed spaces like invite-only Slack channels, Discord groups, email newsletters, small-scale blogs, and digital gardens. Or make themselves illegible and algorithmically incoherent in public venues.
How would you prove you're not a language model generating predictive text? What special human tricks can you do that a language model can't?

The sinusoidal tetris – A tetris game with a twist.

No geometrical figures will fall from the sky. Instead, you control a sinusoid, defined by: f(x)=Asin(ωx+φ)f(x)=A*sin(\omega x + \varphi)

As heard at Al Zaytouna.

The story behind Fairuz’s song “Kanou Ya Habibi” and the Soviet army “Polyushka Polye”.